Vote on capcom unity for monster hunter charcter for mvc3

If you would like to see a Hunter as a playable DLC character in the future start voting now on

Pretty sure Niitsuma has said several times that the entire franchise was off-limits for MVC3.

pretty sure no one cares about this franchise either lol

wow are you fucking retarded

i’m not defending the game because i don’t like it that much and don’t play it but that’s like saying no one who posts on SRK cares about Street Fighter

educate yourself before making embarrasing post that show your ignorance

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Monster Hunter Japanese sales hit 3m units | News

You realize there’s no MH representative in MvC3 because the MH producers didn’t want anyone from their game in MvC3? At least by claim of the MvC3 production team.

Plus if they ever did, it should be a monster, the hunters are pretty bland and generic ( by design of course ).

i know, i read the front page article where they explained it, i heard that many people want ratalos or whatever is called the draon
the only thing that i know is that i want Date Masamune on MvC3, but i dont see that happening

Punted to the MvC3 forum from FGD. Doesn’t need its own thread though, especially as noted since this isn’t likely going anywhere.