Vote for KOF XII or KOF 2002 UM for Final Round XIII

There can only be one: KOF XII vs. KOF 2002 UM.

Why are these the only two options? :sweat:

A lot of people already signed up for KOF12. Shouldn’t you be asking those people instead?

And they can sign up for KOF 2002 UM too if it wins.

Why? You think I should add 98UM?

98UM would be great, but it probably wouldn’t get as many entrants as either 2k2um or xii.

We will definitely have 98UM at the very least as a side tournament, no matter what.

This year’s 98UM tournament was very solid.

98 UM and 2002 UM do it!!

OK, whoever voted for KoF XII is going to the gas chamber.

I voted for XII only so the game gets a chance. We all know that 02UM and 98UM will be there and do great, the games are awesome. I still just have this soft spot for XII where I want to play it with other people.

where the fuck is NGBC and Tenka.

NGBC has already been an official game 3 out of the 4 last FRs.

I think right now, there’s a lull in the NGBC scene, which might pick back up with the 360 release.
Just because it might not be there this year, doesn’t mean it can’t come back.

I was going to make a poll soon (as per Larry’s suggestion) for the SS game at FRXIII.

I know there’s a ton of stupid nostalgia for SSII, but honestly SS6 should have that shit on lock.

Really SS0Sp would be the preferred but for obvious reasons that’s not an option.

Well, looks like the people have spoken.

Both games are now official at FRXIII which makes this thread kinda pointless now…except as popularity contest.

screw xii… it should be XI & 2k2um… y no XI? we should show more love for XI so that hopefully in the near future we get a XI:UM with every KOF character ever entered in the series…

Haha. Still hate XII I see.

ok guys kof2k2um is added so train up

I find it funny that people wanted a game added to FR13, but have yet to pre-reg for the games on the website. :wtf::nono: The games have been added to the pre-reg list. I need to see the people that plan to ATTEND final round to pre-reg. I don’t want to waste time or resources to a tournament that no one cares about. We are almost only 2 1/2 months away from fr13 so it’s time to get ready for FR13.

I always pre-reg for FR when I pay for my room.

I will definitely pay for my room at the end of the month, once I catch up on some bills first.

People will definitely play 2002UM, don’t worry.

ok cool. Make sure you pay you’re bills 1st and formost. Videogames come waaaaaaaay after real life business sir. I wasn’t just worried about you sir. I see that 25 peeps voted on 2k2um, but only 5 people are pre-reg’ed on That what i’m wondering about and that’s why I didn’t want to do a poll on srk because random people that ARE NOT GOING to attend FR13 are voting. I will never accept another poll from here when debating a game added to FR again due to this fact. If anyone can’t make a thread/poll on the FR website I will not even think about adding that game to any future event. If the pre-reg list doesn’t increase I will delete the game from FR13. It’s just getting so close to fr13 and i’m not seeing anyone sign up.:xeye:

P.S.: making a thread and linking it back here ISN’T MAKING A THREAD imo. I added it because I saw how fast people voted and gave feedback in this thread. I’m figuring “Oh man atleast 25 peeps want to play 2k2um at FR13”. I guess i’ll add it even though you didn’t follow the directions I asked you to do shiki. It should atleast have 16 peeps or it will be cancelled on site at FR13. I showed a sign of good faith and I hope you are right about 2k2um sir.
P.P.S: If anyone is going to bring a set up make sure you put that on the pre-reg list also so we can keep an acurate count of donated set up’s are coming and for whatever games to be played. See everyone in 1 month26 days