Volunteers when AE drops

Do you guys want to pool our efforts together and get rid of some of these old stickied threads?

Most of the stickied threads were started with Vanilla and the first post contains outdated information.

Would you guys want to collectively re-create and update posts such as the combos, moveset, and matchup threads?

Combos alone could do with counterhit combos and the new links that will be in there for Gouken, nevermind updated damage and stun and whatever else.

Moveset will have changed as well with changes to Kongo, his normals, and backthrow

Matchups change each time a new iteration is released…

What do you guys think?

I’m down. I need that for myself.

Cool, Iam and myself had collaborated on a moveset update in google docs but since AE is coming out that will need to be revised as well.

Id like to help anyway I can. I will also be contributing what I learn in the lab with match ups.

ill help as well just let me know what you need.

Let me know what you need help with and I’ll try and contribute.