Voltech HG for sale

I’m trying to sell my Voltech ,In all honestly I dont play as much as I did so its just sitting there.
I’ve used it a handful of times and never for long sessions, The only thing that was wrong with the case is when you put one of the case feet on you have to slightly move it to the left for it to get the screw.
Since i waited way too long for the case I just kept it :slight_smile:

Model - VAS-HG
Size - Slim
Shell Color – Black Carbide Texture
Trim – Leopard Wood
Button Layout - Sega 8 button
Frame - Tailor fit
Case Feet – Aluminum Muffmod

Wow this is a beautiful stick

What are you asking?

Pm sent…

Price? What system is it for?

Post price, mane!