Voice Acting Anyone?

So with the recent trailer this story mode actually seems quite fleshed out, almost to the point where it seems they’ve got film stars to do voice acting for the characters. Does anyone recognise any famous or recognisable voices?


If you listen to Thanos at 1:09 it’s almost obvious that Vin Diesel is his voice actor, not only did Vin Diesel VA for Groot in GotG but it seems he’s also voicing Thanos, as if you close your eyes and listen to him talk all you can hear is Riddick. If this is truly the case my amendments for the effort Marvel have put into the game increases expontentially. I’ve always been optimistic, but to try and imitate the MCU poorly but then bring actual movies stars in from the movies to do voice over work is a fantastic 1up for the MCU fans.

Iirc Thanos is being voiced by the same guy that did Sagat in the recent SF games

Apparently Captain America and Iron Man are voiced by VAs from an Avengers animated series

Source? Not that I doubt you I’m just curious, I do remember hearing Sagat’s VA doing more work but I thought it was associated with SFV. If you listen to Thanos and then listen to Riddick the voices are too similar, only Thanos’ voice is slightly deeper. It just seems a little coincidental that he did the VA for Groot, for him to not get the roll of Thanos if that’s the kind of voice they were looking for. Of course Vin Diesel would probably cost more than Capcom can chew unless Marvel spent the cash.


It just almost sounds like him, if not they definitely got someone to be inspired by him.

Here you go: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0802280/?ref_=tt_cl_t12
(I do agree he sounds similar though)

Yeah, funnily enough Cap’s VA is the same one that did Chris over the last few RE games.

Chris sounds like he’s got fucking down syndrome.