Visiting CA, help?

Hi guys, being part of midwest crew, I’ve never been to an arcade :sweat:

Time to change that! I’ll be arriving in orange county LA on the 10th for business, with some free time for the weekend (june 12-13).

I was wondering on your opinions of what arcades to hit up? Or tournament/gatherings/whatnot. Also. For SSF4 purposes:
-Should I bring my stick(s)?
-What is the typical cost for two days of play?
-Anyone travel with their stick? anything special i should know (plane-wise)?
-Should I be practicing while standing until then? O.o

I’d prefer to get some good competition too, local tournaments or otherwise, as I want to see what CA has to offer, but any help for a CA/arcade noob is totally welcome.

Hope to see some of you guys out there.

If you’re in the OC (Near the Block) and you just want to walk in and play in an arcade go to Alex’s Arcade in Santa Ana off the 22 freeway. They got arcade games and they also got SSF4 set up on an arcade cab. But you got to put a quarter in before you play a game. There are some really good SSF4 players who go sometimes but when they go and what time is random. But the weekend seems it has a good turn out.