Virus on this site?

dont know if this is the right thread or not, but every time i visit this site my virus scan asks me to deny access to or quarantine some shit when visiting this site. is there some virus i don’t know about? besides, this s the only site that shows that.

I get the same thing. I usually just quarantine it. When doing a search for the file, nothing comes up on my actual HDD.

I dont think it is the site itself, but the ads on the side of the screen. We had this problem a while back where there was a lot of viruses and malware coming from them. I dont know if those threads are still around, though…

turn off cookies. problem solved =/ or u can buy premium account for no ads

Try Firefox with the Adblock Plus Extension, it works for me…

I just get a TRACKING COOKIE threat when I run a scan, but I dunno if it’s from here or somewhere else.

No biggie though. It’s all good. :cool:

im using firefox. though ad block extension? gotta ask my lil bros if where using that one.

to tell the truth the only way u can get spyware from here is if u click on all the random adds. from srk itself there isnt any viruses.

Where and how much do I find info on Premium membership

Go to “User CP” in the upper left. Once there, the bottom left will say “Paid Subscriptions”…or something like that. Click there, and you can sign up for membership. Although for some reason, I still have the adds.

thanks again Imitrex!

You can change the layout to not have adds

If you go to user cp and at the very bottom you should beable to change your layout any of the layouts that have Premium after them don’t have ads. For example I use Blue Steel Premium.

Thank you sir. And you’re welcome, Nashville_Ninja.