Virtual-On re-releasing to Ps2

Yeah I dropped a shit-ton of quarters into this thing back in the day and I know they actually still have a machine down in Panama City somewhere. I played it non-stop at my buddies house on his Saturn. Oratorio Tangram was even better but sadly the original “Cybertroopers” is the only one scheduled to be re-released by Sega at the moment.

I’m sure there’s some of you out there old enough to remember this badboy, so give a shout out. It would be awesome if we could get some guys playing this again. Hopefully they’ll beef up the Online play from the Saturn’s which would be awesome. As of now it’s only scheduled for Japan so lets hope for a US release so I won’t have to import.


Oh man its been awhile since I played VO.

Fei-Yen for the win! Could hardly be touched but once she went into hyper mode, toast!

This and Power Stone were the only things a played on the Dreamcast.

This is the original VO, the one on Dreamcast was VOOT.

Bout time.

VO2 is on the PS2…

I was hoping the first one would come out sooner or later.
Our local arcade us to have tourneys for it when we first got our cab. Good shit.
Now it’s just…a dead cab that gets maybe 3 bucks in it a week.


Apparently there is one torrent of Virtual-On MMX which was the online enabled PC version. There’s 4 seeders but I can’t connect to any. The PC version sucked back in the day because of the unique controls which were impossible to replicate with a keyboard and there was no option to set-up two joysticks. I’d like to see how it plays with a 360 controller and a game profiler.

There is still ONE copy floating around the internet going for $45. Eitherway if I can get my hands on the game I’ll seed it and we can get some p2p matches.

I still own my DC VOOT, but if they remade that, I’d be all over it. Original VO is good for nostalgia though. Marz pretty much sucked as far as I know.

Now what I’m wondering now is will Sega release the twin sticks to go with the VO release.

yeah i have that pc version. Besides looking better than the saturn version, i dunno if the saturn version had 8 colors per VR like the pc version has or just 2.

I only have it for the saturn, but this game was all I played on it really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully the ace combat controller works for this.

Could never get used to the game switching from console to arcade so much, was so expensive to keep playing the VOOT pros and learning nothing since they killed me so fast.

I distinctly remember hating this game without the dual joysticks.

VR Raiden > you

I only remember playing as Temjin for the overall balance. I wasn’t as good with the other VRs :stuck_out_tongue:

This game was way too beastly. Glad its getting ported over.

Good because Virtual On Marz SUCKS…OT is the shit…glad its getting a re-release…it deserves it…also what about the latest one/ Why aint we gettng that? Is that because Marz bombed horribly?

You mean Virtual-On 4 FORCE. It actually came out before Marz did but is slower than Ontario Tangram. Even though VO4F had the best graphics in the series, VOOT was considering the pinnacle.

Hey VariantX, anyway you could copy the cd image of your Virtual-On disc. It’s something like 180 megs, you could upload it to megashare or something.

This man speaketh the truth.

Cannot WAIT for this. If they release the twin sticks I might have a heart attack, but even on a dual shock I think the controls could be great. 2 analog sticks + 2 shoulder buttons on each side. It could work really well.

Can’t wait to get some Raiden and Fei-Yen going again. It’s been so long.

this game was awesome i used to play a lot on my saturn also the dc version was hot!:wink: