Virtua fighter V

Hi guys I am new in the forum but I am an experience player of Virtua Fighter series. Are 6 years I play VF on pad, now I want to buy a professional arcade stick, the best stick for my liked series. I know Korean stick are better for tekken and generally 3d fighters, is the same for VF?

Stick buyers guide and Q&A at the top of the Tech Talk page, dude.

You’ll get a better response asking there, a lot of the oldies don’t reply to questions in dedicated threads.

Quick answer:

Korean sticks supposedly return to center quicker than your average Japanese stick, so if those attributes suit your play style, then go for it. On the other hand, most players on VFDC and myself included use Sanwa. It’s all personal preference.

I say you should set aside $250-300 aside and pickup the new Hori VLX when it drops in February. VLX is the best home stick ever devised. Excellent build quality and easily upgraded. You may be an amateur, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the best.

Seriously though, most Hori or Madcatz sticks close to $130 or more should be fine.

can u link me pls the next vlx? I dont find it

Honestly there’s not that much call for the precise return to neutral that Korean sticks have that would make them preferable in VF, so then it just boils down to what feels natural.

I’d probably recommend Sanwa or Seimitsu for you since that’ll be generally good for you. There’s no return to neutral moves that I remember in VF, and mostly you’re dealing with QCF moves or directional inputs. any stick with a Square gate (Sanwa/Seimitsu) handles that well.

If you play any Tekken might as well get a Korean stick and just get used to it. I stick to Korean sticks on all games but that’s because it just feels right for me. But I can tell you that it adds no benefit to VF, straight up.

which is now for pc most similar game to Vfv?

Nothing, VF is the most technical fighting game ever made

What do Sega VF arcade cabinets in Japan, what type of sticks do they use?


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Lol, no. Sanwa JLF.

I saw Virtua Fighter V and thought it meant VI/6/new fuck this thread :rofl:

As a long term VF player I always laugh when I hear people say that.

If you’ve never played on stick before OP, I’d look into getting a hitbox. Hitbox is amazing for 3D fighters. It makes evade dash guard cancelling absolutely effortless and extremely fast.

I bought it few days ago