Virtua Fighter QTE

ok this is a fighting game discussion but srk is random so i dunno if i’ll get burned for this :rolleyes:

i was thinking after reading a comment someone made earlier about dark ressurection being played more than VF5, then i started to think about how could a fighting game improve, how can it be more fun! without losing its depth and how can it attract more people

i was looking at the timing of some throws on VF5: [media=youtube]yruvFyXaStk[/media]

ok so if a begginer was to face an expert we know he’d get thrown about the place like a rag doll not knowing how to escape, theres TOO much in VF to get to grips with for an average joe to just sit down and have fun with learning

maybe if a begginer (till 1st dan) with a profile card had the option to have a dramatic close up of a strong throw which implemented a faithful QTE moment that doesnt mess with the timing of the strong throw at all except for the camera angle, would this not be inviting to begginers and give a reason for people to pay extra for a profile card? while getting more interesting publicity than the average fighter does?

lets stray from the arcade. a mode like this could be implemented into online play still for begginers, ofcourse. it would attract like hell in my opinion

i love martial arts and fighting games, i see the beauty in virtua fighter 5, but i know alot of people miss it, or dont “get it”, i think making things more exciting, more dramatic without messing with the game at all is so possible these days.

im sure alot of am2 have thought about this but never dared treading into it in fear of possibly losing its fans who prefer to play things how they always have.

its just something that will grab the masses and make them more interested in getting into the depths of the game, so YES its extremely constructive.

i would like to hear everyones opinion, im not gonna say the usual “oh its SRK so i expect you to approach things in that way” i actually agree alot with some of you and can see you know what your talking about, so please put some kind of thought into your words, i wont argue about anything i will only reply in a constructive manner and if i sniff an ounce of bullshit i wont reply.

anyway, thanks for reading… if you actually did :sweat: :arazz:

after watchin that vid, I never noticed how they reach out for throws and all and how if they’re in a “neutral state” how a zero-frame throw can occur, but back to your question, I think it would be cool if they did have like some easier way of escaping the throws in VF, I’m not really complaining but sometimes in that short amount of time that they give you, it can be hard to escape throws if you completely have no idea when they are gonna throw you

AFAIK, throws were slowed down in general in VF5.

Ki - I can see what you are saying, but they should just leave VF the way it is. There’s really nothing wrong with the way it’s implemented as it’s all skill based. I wouldn’t mind something like that being implemented in Fighters Megamix 2, but VF is VF and changing it won’t help it…

…nothing will…:sad:

and yes throws were slowed in VF5

i know, i was thinking something so edgy as the QTE in a game would fit something like megamix or tekken or ANYTHING

but QTE was made famous by sega, i have faith in it gelling with VF, its like it was made for the game

things don’t need to be slowed down. beginners shouldn’t worry about throw escapes that much, especially not against each other.

yes there will be a road block when that time comes, but making throw escapes easier to do hurts the higher level play.

Ermm, are you being serious? Fighter’s Megamix was godly…

you didnt read my initial post did you?

im not saying it should be slowed down, im saying basically instead of, “your being thrown” it should be “YOUR BEING THROWN” understand?? no slow down, just a fast past cut scene that has exactly the same speed as the original throw

Demon Dash what i think he’s trying to say is that its a unique feature that would be better suited to a game that isnt as serious as VF

i know its something that takes away the vintage quality of VF, but who know’s it might even add to it.

im really not the type of person who likes to think of something seriously and just throw it anywhere, i seriously believe it would work with quality.

if im agreed with or even if im not i know fighting games in the future with a lot of depth will have this feature, and people will rave about it because of it, so i really dont mind peoples reaction cos 90% of my predictions about games actually come true. :shrugs: since nobody seems to want to delve deep into it we’ll just have to wait and see :wonder:

wise mans edit: i can see it more now, fighters megamix would be something that would gel well with the feature, its so true that the surviving fighting games cater to hardcore players with experience, its just sad to see that its not understood how it would help to advance players and actually want to advance more.

maybe iv been watching too many martial arts films while growing up, but isnt what the actual fighting game makers did themselves

if you’re asking for QTEs on every throw I’m going to have to disagre because they already have those for really strong throws and theres no need to add it to weaker throws because it sortof takes away from the impact strong throws have like like when Wolf does the Big Toss.

as for the the comments on speed of throws they sorta split the throw in two creating a slower-than-a-VF4 throw, a normal(“tuskami” meaning “to grip”) throw thats abt 4 frames longer and to a 0 frame throw. What that vid doesn’t mention is that those throws have conditions in which they can be used:

The situations in which 0 frame throw do not occur -

  1. After a striking attack connect as a hit or is guarded.
  2. During a successful evade.
  3. After a successful evade.
  4. Throws attempted when a character is in a “crumbled state.”
  5. Throw is escaped situation / after a throw clash.
  6. After a character rising up from down position.
  7. After an offensive move.

In those listed situations, the “tsukami” throw occurs. Since “tuskami” throws take 12 frames to execute, you can only get guarantee throws at -12 sitations in Situation 1 scenarios.

no i didnt mean every throw cos it’ll take away from the main view, unless people like the “another world” style of gameplay A LOT

im saying this should be incorperated as a training mode for begginers WHILE they are actually playing

so basically instead of feeling like they are fighting an invicible warrior they get mentally occupied by the QTE moment, while the expert looks good he novice thinks “whoa that was cool, ill beat u next time” instead of “…FUCK this game”

just imagine extremely smooth seemless moments of close up throws, people came to the arcade not only for a challenge but also to see something inovative, if they see a game that looks like your really in a serious fight then it’ll get them much more energized about it. it really wont harm the game at all, i have a knack for visualizing the timing of movements and memorizing repititions i can really see how powerful it would be :wonder:

Noob question: what’s QTE?


obviuosly wouldnt be as drawn out as this since its story led, it would be implemented fluidly so it wont interrupt with the flow of the game

So basically, it’s just following button commands when they appear on screen? That’d be kinda neat.

Is “QTE” an acronym for anything? Like “Quick Time Enter” or something?

QTE = Quick Time Event

^ Before entering this thread I thought this was about Quadruple Throw Escape. heh heh

They already have something similar to some of Wolf’s throws/hit throws. If you input his Giant Swing in the fastest input you get a different animation where it pans in. It does 20 points more than a standard Giant Swing. Players call it Perfect Giant Swing.

If I understand what you are saying, you want to have a QTE take place when a throw is being attempted so an opponent have time to react to stop it. I don’t think that is a good idea. Players should have to learn properly when to put in throw escapes. That is what sets the intermediate players to advanced players. It would be sort of like making kara-throw and roll canceling easier.

Sega has made changes to make some moves easier in VF5: One example is Akira’s Dragon Lance Combo. Akira’s DLC now has two versions. the original version with the final move ending with bodycheck command (466 P+K) and an easier one with just ending with just P+K. The easy version does 20pts less though.

Me too, haha.

Basically what I get from here is like telling Japanese to eat burger or American to eat sushi on daily basis. For AM2, average joe they considered are the ones that play this game in the arcade everyday in Japan. Most of American fellows can never qualify for that standard. We simple dont have VF5 in local arcade! Think about it, no matter how many visual candies (with a profile card that Ki Shima mentioned) you throw into the game, once you play the game 24/7, if it doesn’t have enough depth and competition, all the juicy stuff will run out within two weeks. What VF5 lacked is not eye candies, it’s the evolutionary change of the game system like the previous ones. Some Japanese players get bored with the “cool” graphic and animation then go to play Tekken DR. AM2 learned a hard lesson this time…

it would work if they added an icon like you see the joystick pop up when you get staggered by certain moves,but I really doubt AM2 will bother doing that at all.
If they didn’t do it with VF5 or any of the A,B or C upgrades,I doubt they ever will.

yeah thats what i mean, like how hard would it be to add that to help begginers?

look how gorgeous the graphics are, they could make it look so much better with dramatic close ups especially facial close ups, the thing is-

-what else could they do? thats the only thing missing from virtua fighter, it will just be the same thing all the time, unless they turn it into urban reign but with better environments

seriously they are fucked if they need something new, unless they double or triple the complexity of the game :confused: