Virtua Fighter Players on SRK?

Whats your opinion of the Virtua Fighter games?

Im asking this because I’ve a heard a lot of hate and a lot of love towards that series. But Id like to know why its such a dividing subject. Personnally, Ive only played the demo of VF5, and I didnt thought much of it. It kind of left me indifferent. What about you?

I tried playing VF 5 for a few weeks and I got my ass kicked online. It’s a fun game for sure though. I have lots of fond memories playing the first 3 in arcades. I remember when VF 3 came out it was years ahead of anything on Consoles, PCs, or Arcades graphically. Good times.

Talking as someone who’s sadly had little experience with it, me and my usual fighting crew tried to get into it because we heard it was the definitive ‘deep’ fighter. The problem we quickly found while dabbling with VF4 was that we felt disconnected; similar to some of the dead or alive games, there’s a real lack of hits feeling like they connect and I found myself joking that the fighters must be coated in teflon. Perhaps this is the impression you got from the demo too?

However, I wouldn’t really take anything from that. It’s better waiting for a player who genuinely got into it and knows their stuff to comment than to go writing it off just because of my incredibly superficial reservations :3

It’s very mixed for a variety of reasons. Some reasons why the crowd who hate the games hate them are as follows:

I’ll start off with what Geminosity said, when moves connect you really don’t get the feeling that they connect due to graphical issues, it just feels really fake. Another reason would be that the game is BRUTALLY slow paced in comparison to most other fighters. Yet somehow, through the slow paced-ness, it manages to be one of the most difficult fighters execution-wise, making it even less appealing to some (although this last reason is one of the main reasons that a lot of people who love the series love it as much as they do).


Uh? Have you played the game? The pace easily rivals most 2D fighters.

I tried playing some variant of 4 a good many years back, i probably didn’t give it enough time, someone else gave it to me. The game felt immediately sluggish to me so I dropped it.

anyone who says it’s slow has not played the game properly. that sounds like a cop out but it’s not. the speed you need to make decisions at is higher than most games.

Thread is flame bait. I see SRK hasn’t changed.

When first learning VF, yes, the game feels clunky and somewhat slow. However, once you start to really understand how it is played and start to adjust, everything changes. The more you play, the more natural and fast it becomes.

They’re generally not too good (IMO).

Unlike most fighters, the balance is a bit too good since Sega is irritating about constantly revising, testing and releasing updated versions to keep the system on a fair level. This means all characters see a good amount of play and there’s not a clear case of tier whoring due to this. Frankly, this digusts me, since I like to look at tier lists instead of learning individual character playstyles and strengths and tier whore.

Another thing is despite the fact the game has only four buttons (unilke the superior six of Street Fighter) it has large amounts of depth in contrast to its input scheme. I was shocked to see things like dodging, movement, buffing felt like natural progressions in the system and integrated well as your skill level improved. Another thing I hated was characters were distinctly open ended and move lists felt like an offering of different options rather than window dressing compared to most other 3D fighters. I just wanted to know 3 or 4 moves and get on with the fighting.

On top of this, I was dissapointed in the fact the game rewarded results in direct correlation with how much work and dedication you put in. Lastly, I hated how no matter what the option selects or situations provided to me where, there was always a direct balance to them to make the playing field level, leading to different levels of mind games.

Did I mention the customization feature? Blows ass. With literally hundreds, perhaps millions of combinations to choose from when editing your character the possibilities were too large to comprehend. I just want to get a few colors and a silly alternate costume available through paid DLC.

So yeah, not a very good game honestly. =/ Super Street Fighter IV has already been released and to be honest I feel that’s the only game worth playing, ever.

4/10. Waaay too obvious dude. Lol.

I tried my best. = [ I felt the effort was more than the thread deserved, though.

3/10. Good job on this section though, actually have seen this listed as a negative

i loved this in the arcade, hated this on the home console. regardless it’s a decent game had a lot of technical aspects in fighting that most games at the time didn’t have but it hasn’t held up against games like Tekken and Street Fighter Series.

You could do better than that, I mean… you basically listed all of the good things about the game and just added "I don’t like that’ to the end of it >.>

But oddly enough, as #13 says… I have actually seen people call a game out for not being imbalanced enough.

Game’s suck man. I never played any of them but I watched some friends…

TR good try at sarcasim. :lol:

VF really fun and solid 3d fighter. 2nd best compared to SC2/3 IMO.

I used to think VF5 was ass and much slower than VF4: Evo (I never played Final Tuned).

Man was I WRONG!!! :sweat:

The Virtua Fighter games are great for me. I think it has something to do with never feeling indifference towards them than other games, because I find it’s game play to be less repetitive, more original, and completely tolerable. Perhaps the long damaging juggle hits were something I didn’t like. This game is what I prefer.

vf sucks, the future belongs to tekken x sf. play vf if you want to waste time on an overcomplicated tekken copycat and have non-existant competition.

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