Virtua Fighter disrespecting it's fans

Okay, first off, let me say that this is not a troll thread. I have been into VF ever since VF4 and I have stuck with it until yesterday. It just seems to me that SEGA dont give a shit about their fans and still expect loyalty to their product.

I initially noticed this when they released a version B for PS3 and version C for Xbox, then promised to add online to the PS3 version and decided against it. Now they are releasing the game with fully compatible online mode for XBOX marketplace, the console that got Version C in the first place! What about the VF fans who own a PS3? Additionally, they are making people like us BEG for Final Showdown, and even with that ultra huge petition, there is still no news on a release. Its complete disrespect to their loyal followers.

Let’s compare the community of other fighting game franchises:

Street Fighter: We all know Ono is a troll, but he is always trying to communicate with the community, announced 3rd strike remake after fan demand and is always giving clues about new SF characters and modes. People also complained about Sagat in SF4 and what happened? Got seriously nerfed.

King of Fighters: Xii was a piece of garbage, people complained and now the complaints have been addressed with Xiii including fan favourites Mai and K’, and apparantly an amazing online mode and a story mode.

Mortal Kombat: Went off the rails with shit like MKvsDCU but now are listening to fans, going back to old school 2D and brutal fatalities. Great fan service here.

Tekken: Completely fucked up Tekken 4 but learned from their mistakes and listened to fans for Tekken 5. After major demand, also announced TTT2.

MvC3: Clearly listening to fans for advice with the inclusion of Dante, Deadpool and now seems to be Mike Huggar.

Virtua Fighter: Hasn’t done shit for their fans…

Now u can troll on this thread if u want, but i’d rather have a mature discussion. Maybe im wrong here and there is something im missing, so please let me know.

We’ve already missed out on VF4:Final Tuned and I wouldn’t be surprised if we miss out on VF5:Final Showdown, and the latter has been updated much, so it would be logical to release it, however I won’t count on it.

Why is this new? VF has never cared about it’s non-arcade playing western fans, slight difference, but still sucks.

Last night I had a dream that VF5:FS came out to consoles as a big ass patch to vanilla VF5.
I was really sad when I woke up.

If you wanted a mature discussion, you would have made this over at VFDC. No wait, even that would be stupid because they already have a thread about it and they already know about the situation (duh).

Making a thread about stuff everyone knows about isn’t doing anyone any favors. I’m sure when someone needs an useless idiot to state the obvious we’ll let you know.

A) VFDC is full of VF fans, it would be pointless due to bias.
B) If you think it’s obvious and pointless then why reply?

SRK for the most part doesn’t care about VF anyway.

I love VF and I still hold out hope for VF5:FS but I know not to rely on Sega giving a shit.

I liked Tekken 4 a lot better than T5 or T6. It had its problems, but nothing that couldn’t have been worked out if they would have given it a chance.

they to hurry up with that update to 5

lol @ this, ono listens to fans?

ssf4 is so behind the fucking times it isn’t even funny. Matter of fact, the whole sf4 series so bad that I’ve given up street fighter. The new series is designed for scrubs, its fucking terrible. Games from 14 years ago are further along the fighting game path than ssf4.

So yea, if you consider scrubby ass capcomunity as “fans” yea, they’re listening to them. The problem is that they’re listening to the wrong people and saying we’re listening to the community! and thats how we keep ending up with fucking pieces of shit for games. sf4\ssf4 and mvc3 is steadily getting worse all because ono is listening to scrubs rather than top players.

as an example, the reason the “exchange” button was put into mvc3 was because of capcomunity. Their complaint was, I can’t figure out how to launch people in mvc2, why can’t there be a universal launch button? in the mvc2 pamphlet that you get with the game for older consoles, it literally says, universal launchers are done by dwnfwd+fp or rh. Its crystal fucking clear and how hard is it to test that? Now the exchange button is causing all kind of dumb shit for the game. You can’t tag instantly anymore, its a hold a1\a2 to tag… they removed 25% of the footsies from the game to make way for the exchange button. In mvc2, every character had 2 crouching lights, and crouching mediums. Due the exchange button, you have 1 crouching light attack and 1 crouching medium attack. If you add up all the things its changed, its completely fucked the game over. But accrording to keits, it doesn’t matter how many buttons a fighting game has, it simply won’t…

So yea, don’t feel so bad. I played mvc2 on and off for 10 years and my favorite game of all time is getting scrubbed the fuck up by players who don’t know what they’re fucking talkn about. You’ll either get dicked by the companies or by scrubs who think they have a clue about how fighting games work.

The arcade version of Final Showdown came out less than three months ago didn’t it? I’m sure they are going to try to make some money off of that before they do a console port. Chances are they are using this time to catch any minor gameplay issues so the console version will be the most polished and up to date.

I suppose its good to cry and moan cos it works-

but I seriously see the vf5 download as the start and the link to Final Showdown being a download game. an update to version C and a full download to psn

am I the only one who see’s vf5 being downloadable an obvious hint to whats going on :confused:

This pretty much should end the thread, but I’d like to hear some more crying and random sf4 hate.

Not true. Most of the people on VFDC pretty much hate Sega no joke. The site was moping grounds for a few months.

Ah well. See you guys @ NEC. Look out for my Ken, my Jacky, and my Lee.

EDIT: and clockwork

I like the way you think.

And you, as well.

But yeah, this thread has been done a billion times over already. There’s nothing to discuss.

Sega hasn’t cared about it’s oversea fans since the death of the Dreamcast. Can’t keep bitching about it hoping it’ll change things.

same can be applied to SNK.

That’s a design decision, they could do instant tags with the current button layout, they’re just choosing not to.

Tbh I agree with 70% of what you’re saying and I agree ssf4 has a lot of new player friendly tactics but everything they are doing Is for the best commercially. Think about it if this games from 10-15 yrs ago came out today they would flop badly on the strength on the learning curve itself. People that play games now in days are into instant gratification sadly and if it wasn’t for those casual gamers we probably would still on have 3-d fighters to play. I think we need these scrubs to buy these games and eventually maybe with each iteration 20% of them will get deeper into that game making it possible to add more depth to the newer fg games without alienating the general public. baby steps…

Who’s Mike Huggar?

mvc2 is incredibly noob friendly. it could come out today and still do well, and it has with the psn/xbl rereleases. the magic series is just two buttons, how do you get easier than that. you can teach mvc2 to anyone