Virtua Fighter 5 Fs tourney pools

Is their any information on the tournament’s pool? The only thing i know is that i play friday 8:00 a.m. from the tickect i had to print out. Anyone have information? Because i really can’t find anything at all.

I’d also like to know this, I haven’t seen anything at all about the VF tournament.

You would think there would be something for the VF tournament, but i have not seen anything nor heard any news on brackets for the tournament on srk, the only thing i know is to show up friday 9:00 a.m.

The VF5 Tournament is being run directly by SEGA. The Evo staff have no involvement with the setup or running of this side tournament. That being said SEGA has been lacking on releasing details on pool assignments and times for the tournament. It’s entitely possible they won’t release any info until the day off the tournament. I recommend watching the front page of SRK and the VF community site for updates.

Thank you very much Kapwan13

It seems like they did ok at UFGT but evo is much bigger i guess. Need those details segers

Yeah they need to release details for Evo ASAP