Virgin Gaming's Online Money Matches

Recently Capcom partnered with Virgtin Gaming to bring SF4 online money matches to us. On the site, there’s a section imploring people to suggest games. I suggested SSF2THDR and I quickly received a kindly reply stating tha the game looks good and they will look into it.

I figured since they’re actually listening and have already partnered with Capcom, maybe with enough people making the same request we can see it added.

I think it’d be a good way to get the game in the spotlight. What do you guys think?

It might be good for added exposure, but the business model is terrible. There have been several reports of people unable to get their money back, not to mention the insanely large cut they take away per each match, as well as the instability of the online platform making this a viable tool for…anything.

I’ve been waiting for USF4 to be added (everyone will sort of be new together, increasing my odds of winning) so I haven’t tried it yet. Pretty bad system they have going huh? That sucks.