Vinyl Dye or Paint for Plastic? What's more durable?

Long story short, my HSS-0130 is way overdue for a refurbishment and I want to keep it looking kinda stock. Which do I go with? White vinyl dye or satin white Krylon Fusion? I’m an old pro at painting cases, but dye seems to be the popular choice here.

I really like how vinyl dye is less prone to dripping and orange peel. Also the texture will be more plastic feeling than if you used the fusion. I’ve also seen people have consistency problems with the krylon fusion paint.

I’d recommend vinyl dye for plastics if they have the color you want.

You’re absolutely right rtdzign. The “vinyl” dyes we use, flows and levels out so much better than conventional spray paint, because it’s paint with a special ingredient, acetone. Figured this out after researching other boards. On top of that, my local paint supplier told me that the SEM I’ve always been buying is the same as “vinyl dye”. The acetone softens the top layer of plastic allowing the color to be better bonded to the plastic.

Anyway, I’ve since painted/dyed my HSS with SEM and now I trying to figure out what PCB it should get.


You know, I’ve never made this suggestion on here, but I am pretty shocked no one else has yet.

It’s called plasti dip and it works better than everything everyone else is using.