Viewtiful Joe Team Suggestion

Hi everyone this is my first post I was wondering if I could get help on adjusting my team a little since its constantly changing due to matchups and all I use V.Joe on point btw ill give a list of characters I am comfortable/able to use depending on characters if no good projectiles joe is Voomerang.

~Trish - (Fails her divekick combo’s badly online/Keepaway) Ast- Low Voltage-V + Hopscotch-A
~Deadpool - (Drain Bread and Butters/Keepaway) Ast- Katana Rama-B + QuickWork-A
~ Dormmamu - (Keepaway to the Max/I usually charge his Spells) Ast- Anti/Air-B Liberation-V
~ Ryu - (Balanced/But I have problems rushing in since his overhead sucks) Ast- Shoryu-A Tatsu-V
~ Akuma - (Balanced/Demon Flip+Zone Pressure) Ast- Demon Flip-V rarely Tatsu-B
~ Iron-Man -(Training Him Currently Liking Repulsor) Ast- All

I aplogize if this list is crappy I had to include info of what i can do with most characters that i find playable or able to assist my team I do have others in mind Wolvy Spencer Wesker even She-Hulk
My main problem is rushing down and defense Like im usual shutdown by Anti-airs and Beams I tried using tron bonne but that led me into messing up her semi infinite really badly and Dante well…noooo
I can fend off welly and choose to play a more fair playstyle then sitting around spamming or running away plz id appreciate that help and thank u very much in advance even if u dont have much to say contributing great words is better then contributing nothing

Yo Jeweles. Glad to see ya and welcome to SRK. Just wanted to let you know that we already have an assist/team building thread. Post this there and people can help you.


V.joe and Iron-Man are mandatory for my team who would be a good third?