Vietnamese Man in Texas shoots wife, four others, at child's birthday party

Police: Father opens fire at roller rink during child’s birthday party

Wow. You know those poor kids are going to be fucked up in the head forever.

damn. This is pretty messed up. :tdown: I wonder what made him flip out like that?


Well, That answer question.


I hate reports like these, because they always always leave out the most important part-motivation. “ongoing marriage disputes” well who the fuck doesn’t have that.

Bitch! This chicken is cold!!!

So divorce, leads to crazy.

Damn 16 at a roller rink is no way to go.

If he wanted to be free of her that bad, shouldn’t he have gone out and partied instead of killing her. he should have went and fucked as many bitches as possible

pent up rage caused this. if the dude was able to act natural and beat her stupid ass to keep her in check like a norman man should be able to do then none of this would have happened

and good on him for taking out the whole family. thats some chris benoit style shit right there. I respect that

asians stepping up their psycho meter the past few years, good times

This roller rink is right across the street from a bowling alley I used to go to pretty frequently. Anyway, both are really ghetto, and let’s just say that this is not the first shooting to happen there by a long shot. Basically, all the strip clubs in that area already moved out because the area’s so shitty. But still, really unfortunate and yes. this is a result of letting women get away with every got damn thing they want to while ostracizing men for being men.

if an American does it it’s not terrorism

Wow, we all lucked out on this one. He’s not black, white, or Asian.

It’s never really about who died. Poor kiddos.

vietnamese isn’t asian??

Anyone notice how much more accurate and efficient Asian mass shooters are than their white counterparts?

Weeks: Not according to my Japanese buddy.

The result of bitching and nagging should be Gorilla fucking

Seriously dude had no sex drive if he would have put it hard to the wife in bed and taken charge blah blah blah

Dude went crazy based on him having a damaged psyche.

Happy birthday kids! Now you are orphans!

Are you referring to the fact that he kindly removed himself from the equation in the process?

if she had just let him put it in her ass once a week and given him head everyday they wouldnt have had problems

now shes dead

Well I guess you can say that his son’s birthday party

Was a blast…


vietnamese guy: killed five people

this guy

killed 92

c’mon son