Vids with aruka

ive recently reformated my computer without backing up alot of the Ranking Battle vids featuring aruka. ive attempted to d/l the old RB vids off of gvision but the torrents are dead. could anyone either send me some via email/aim or link me to a place i could find vids featuring aruka. thanks in advance.

I’ll sendspace/yousendit a couple ranbats with him in it. (730 Ranbat) (827 Ranbat)

you sir, rock. thanks :smiley:


Are there more Aruka vids??? :D:D:D

No…that’s it.

Actually I do have some more but I’d have to upload them later. Basically ones from earlier ranbats where he did pretty damned good as well.

there are also some Coop cup matches where he plays

How do I downoad the vids? Can I not save target?

Click on the link…scroll to the very bottom of the page and the link is in the middle.