Vids From Scrub Palace tourny

this is where the vids are, there not all up yet, but they will be soon, also one side of one of the disc that were recorded to does not let me read past 30% so im missing about 40% of all the videos that was taken.

also there all divx, if you dont have divx web player download and install it. if you dont want to, deal with it. stage6 is higher quality.

i might upload to youtube after im all done with everything. i have them in wmv format also.

Tarzan/Shadowcharlie’s commentary > mine. :wasted:

YouTube compresses stuff too much Jake. Don’t bother with it.

Scrub Palace…nice

You should change the date in your sig to when the SFIV trailer first appeared.

Keep them coming, lulzers ;o

pozer, type in mars volta into google image search for pictures of u and josh(jans brother) from the tourney…

You’ve told me about that already >_<

its important to back it up cause u had that O_o look when i was tryn to explain it there

I still have that O_o look because THATS JUST THE WAY I LOOK!
Making fun of my face :sad:

Oh yeah, I demand more vids… goddamnitt!!

I demand more vids!!! :annoy::sad:

ok i uploaded the entire side of another disc because i did not feel like cutting, now it seems stage 6 has some issues with uploading vids and publishing, so you can download it here, its called entire sequence.wmv

Thank you =)

its all about the secret POZER VS STONE bgm in the background:rofl::lol::rofl::looney: