Videos that made you go "Ok, I'm playing that game"

[media=youtube]IoBrpAuhxBk[/media] (Obligatory Daigo)

You get the idea.


I know some people get into the game by this vids specially the second, oh and to use necro too.

So, this is basically a “Best match videos on Youtube” thread?


Yeah. That’s what it is.

Whoa. I thought the scale stopped at S.



my favorite lilica player :7)

I used to play quite casually until I stumbled into the 3s 1st Cooperation Cup Final
A level of play that I had never seen before
variety of characters with lots of awesome players
advanced techniques
all of that hooked me on serious competition

split on youtube:
part 1
part 2

This made me want to play Last Blade 2 cause of the music and it seriously looked like an old japanese samurai fight would in the past. I dont like the game after playin it though lol.

This seriously made me wanna get into Melty Blood after watching it, the whole video is awesome and so is the music… but once again I was disappointed by the game.

Makes me wanna try the game out, Ive heard lots of good things about it, still havnt been able to yet unfortunately.

this video was what made me want to play Urien…


seriously smash bros ever since i saw that wobbling.

That vid showed me how to beat urien.


This match video encouraged me to get back into CvS2. :tup:

This one really inspired me it was before my first SSBM tournament

This really made me want to play ssbm better (first time I saw it was horrible quality)

>.>; I want to marvel now

Nobody really plays this game it seems but I was practicing it for quite awhile after I first saw this (Eternal Champions CD)

Well… damn…



why thank you! i hope i encouraged you in some way :sweat:


[media=youtube]51QceAlJbbY[/media] - The match that got me into Melty Blood.

[media=youtube]3hYfWHZ6gkU[/media] - This match made me like MvC2… I still don’t play it though.

Just last week I was asking someone if there was a 2K4 Daigo-like video for Guilty Gear that heightened interest for it. Is there one?

There’s alot. Some of them have Daigo in them. Some of them happen in EVO 04.