Videos in Avs: how is it done?

  • I saw Quiche do it a couple of times. How is it done?

open the clip in imageready. If it’s too big or of the wrong file type open it up in virtualdub mod and shorten the clip/convert it to avi. Also most people remove atleast every other frame when they import it. then save it as a gif.

EDIT: link to yeah dood’s tutorial

How about a DVD clip or a flv?

yeah dood’s should cover dvd clips as well. I don’t know if there’s a direct way to record the clip you want, at the very least you can rip the whole dvd with dvd decrypter and import it in virtualdub mod and extract the scene you want. For flv I use free download manager to convert flv files to avi.

any alternatives to Image Ready in terms of DVD rips?

there might be a way to do it using gimp, I wouldn’t know. Hopefully someone else can pop in and answer your question.

Ahhh cool! Thanks, Monte!

As far as Gimp goes you have to go into the Xtns tab and use Extract videorange.Choose whatever file you can use(that gimp will accept that is) and it’s all available from there.You can choose to rip a set range of frames or the whole movie.Details are hazy but the process is easy enough to use.

When you save the frames its in .Xcf iirc and you can mess with them from there.

Also if you are trying to rip Flv’s check out

The whole videorange deal is how i made those hnk avs from awhile back btw.

I use Total Video Converter to convert flv files to avi files when I have to use an flv for an avatar. It’s also pretty handy because you can turn flv files into mp3 files with it. It’s good for ripping music off sites that have their song being played on flash players and such. Ah cool, a cat just walked past my window… dood.