Video to help lube joystick?

I have some plastic-safe dry silicone grease that I want to use to stop the squeaking from my fightstick. It uses Sanwa parts. Could someone help me find any videos that can help me with disassembly and lubrication?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sanwas actually use Shin-Etsu silicone grease. Make sure it’s similar to what you have.

You only need to apply a pea-sized amount to the pivot, so you will have to disassemble the JLF. I prefer to put my tube of Shin-Etsu in cup of hot water before using it.

I could make a video sometime if I have free time.

Shin-Etsu G-40M is what Sanwa and Seimitsu uses for their joysticks.
Back went Happ got their parts made by IL they used MOLYKOTE 44 by Dow Corning

Molykote and Shin-Etsu have the exact same mil specs

There no real guide for applying lube, first clean the stick of any old grease, dirt and such.
Then you apply the grease to the parts of your joystick that subject to friction.
The pivot, the spring holder, maybe some on the actuator and where these parts touch the shaft.

Do not get the grease on your hands. Either wear rubber gloves or use a small paint brush to apply.
wipe any excess with a clean rag or paper towel. You only need a pea sized amount to lube your whole joystick.

You can get Molykote at Paradise arcade shop
For Shin-Etsu you have to order from Akihabrashop, etokki or hope you have a friend who works at a Honda dealership who can acquire a tube.
Shin-Etsu is also used to lube the moving parts of a automobile’s breaks, hence why Honda dealerships will have them. Note Honda dealerships will not sell you the grease as per their policy.

Nominating thread for “most awkward thread title.”

I have been testing something over the past 2 years (not scientific or anything)… royal purple syn oil has been working fine for me (very LIGHT amount). I wouldnt recommend it officially but havent seen any issues so far.

I’ve read about all sorts of lubing materials. Someone was using a graphite grease, which sounds pretty awesome considering how low friction graphite is.

Also, if you need vids of people lubing up sticks… a simple Google search is your friend. Now, let me Google that for you. Oh dear, the results are not nice, maybe you should Oogle it yourself.

There is one on Youtube, it’s portuguese (Brasil) but it’s simple to understand the process by the video itself (tag = sanwa lubrication)

Seimitsu don’t use G-40M

graphite grease is a electrical conductor which is not a good idea to use on arcade parts.

The pivot won’t be conducting any electricity though or be near any parts that do. I might pick some up just to try it out.

I agree… and besides that, short of flaming the thread completely, do we REALLY need videos to show everything???
This is common sense stuff – besides figuring out you need silicon grease, nothing conductive, nothing natural/“real oil” that will dissolve plastic and corrode metal.

This is not soldering, trace cutting, or pad hacking.

This isn’t even 101 stuff. A kid can do this!

Thanks everyone. More than just “how to lube”, I wanted to get a more vivid idea of the entire process, especially to see how to take the stick section apart. I think I’m going to go along with the Brazilian guy’s video by eye, along with Darksakul’s instructions, and just use the grease that I have, which is plastic-safe as I mentioned. I thought there might be a commonly referred-to English video (I always like checking out multiple resources for tips/to be safe), but it seems not - no problem. RoyalFlushTZ, thanks for the offer but no need :). Darksakul, thank you for the detailed instructions.

Haha, I actually wrote “Video to help lube stick” at first. The current title is pretty bad too, but I decided to leave it :p.

Well, I wouldn’t call this common sense. Joysticks don’t come with manuals for the interiors, and I don’t often open up electronics, so I’m naturally wary of diving into my joystick without a few tips. I did Google my query, and did find the video of the Brazilian guy. I was going to follow his guide by eye but I wanted to have secondary instructions to be sure I was doing the right things. Maybe I’m a bit more careful than others, but that shouldn’t invite ridicule.

I think you’re fully aware that you are indeed flaming, and further, I don’t think it was necessary of you to imply that I’m stupider than a child. I’m opening up my relatively premium gaming peripheral for the first time, so I want to make sure I don’t mess anything up - is that so risible, or are you just an abrasive individual by nature? I assumed the people on this forum would be helpful, and most of them have been. Maybe you were just feeling grumpy, but if not, then please feel free not to view (or reply to) my topics again.

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But seriously, how often should the sticks be relubricated though? My sticks are fairly new, but is it recommended based on hours of use, or every “x” number of months (assuming the stick just sat on the shelf every once in a while)?

@darksakul armi loves it when I make videos…he asks me to make them all the time!
@playdoh your stick should be lubricated once or twice a year. If you live in a dry or dusty climate, about every 3 months.

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