Video Request: Are there any Blanka electricity combo tutorials?

Are there any Blanka electricity combo tutorials with button pushing input patterns?

Trying to learn walk up standing jab in to electricity and low short in to electricity.

I can get it but I feel like I’m just doing crazy mashing.

Any tips on these Blanka combos?

lol, talk about spot on timing, i just made one such vid today, check the vid thread and enjoy the drama associated with it

maybe other people can post up their vids and their methods in this thread since its probably the most common question that gets asked in here.

Great video Mullah!

when you’re doing low kick to electricity, are you pressing the kick and jab at the same time or are you pianoing kick then jab?

Awesome job once again, back to the drawing board for me, gotta try to learn this.

press either kick + lp simultaneously

Sweet, I just got done being solid on s.lp Hz.Ball and s.lp Hz.Ball, now it is off to piano this, I have been doing sliding, but my finger is aching pretty bad, and I don’t feel like making a glove, nor do I really want to sport one, lol.

Thanks for the tip on the lk+lp Mullah, you da man.

Edit: Footsy, check out quakefinger’s toutial on Gen, it is solid stuff too. [media=youtube]Ezr6VYO9KCo&feature=PlayList&p=139A3D89E169DD64&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=12[/media]

Mullah your video is more of a proving point lol. but damn you got fast hands.

Personally i can only use the LP hp mp lp hp way to do it at this moment. and its definatly not 100 % Im going to try your way and see how my success rate goes with it.

TKK lol…

i have slow hands, naturally, i struggled getting electricity down. over time my finger speed increased. really anyone can piano lp mp hp super quick, you dont even move your fingers you just rotate your wrist clockwise. then its just a case of double tapping fierce with your ring finger.

mk x elec/hands requires using your thumb to hit mk which is kinda akward but really its no more difficult than st.lp x elec.

Great tip with the wrist rotation. Helped me out a bunch. I got it to come out a couple times.
Watching your hands in the vid, it hardly looks like your wrist rotates, just super fast button pushing.
Pianoing fierce to jab is way easier than jab to fierce for me for some reason. I still need work on this. But this strat really makes Blanka scary imo.

Thanks again.

reverse your button layout

thats a rediculous sugestion man lol

nah its harder until you get used to it, once you do its the same shit, trust me.

haha yeah i know it totally was. wont lie though. ive contemplated it…

Thanks for the video. I can’t do that shit. As stupid as it sounds I don’t understand how to get my fingers to move that fast. I can standing jab xx elec sometimes by dragging my fingers over the buttons, but that fast piano shit just doesn’t seem right. I’m just too slow

Try the slide technique.

Just quickly slide your fingers through lp mp hp mp hp.

same thing?

“I can standing jab xx elec sometimes by dragging my fingers over the buttons”

thanks mullah

nice footage from whislter

mullah is da man

Like everything, I know that practice makes perfect. But this electricity pianoing shit is taking a REALLY long ass time lol… probably because im trying to learn how to play a stick and piano at the same time

How long does this take to get down? I really feel that i will never be able to do it, ive tried a few different techniques but havent had it combo once. I can do the slide method but that tears up my fingers and ex comes out sometimes.

just keep practicing. i thought i would never be able to do it, but now i can everytime. go into trainging mode and put “all block” on. then just try to keep walking up and doing electricity pressure. make sure hp electricity is coming out though. i put super meter on infinite so i know that im not doing ex.