Video Game Soundtrack Collection

hmm…will work for marvel on the dc since u can customize the soundtracks :rock:

Word!!! Good shit! They’re all OST’s too.


Also check out

whoa jumping flash!

Hey it’s got RB2! …but I can’t dl anything form there ToT

That site will be dead before the end of the year.

Oh sweet! :lovin:

No 3rd strike (soundtrack, looking for things like dudleys and Qs bg music)
No good DDrU3

me = :frowning:

3rd Strike is on there.


Oh hell yes.:cybot:

If hosting pages to roms and illegal material isn’t alowed here, how is posting pages to OST’s? Not that I’m complaining, I’m just curious as to how it’s different. Are the OST’s featured not covered by copyright anymore?


Love the avatar.

OK, here is the jist of things.

Per the liscensing laws the osts are not liscensed in the USA, but in Japan. So there is nothing stating that it is illegal and this is per the liscensing laws. However, Japanese companies such as Sqaure will contact you and ask you to remove them and as long as you do its ok. I’ve had 2 companies contact me and ask me to take something down.

If it becomes liscensed in the states, I take it off. Things like the Halo 1 and 2 ost I will not host, as Microsoft has them liscensed.

Ahh, cool, thanks.

I saw 3s but I only saw the main menu and char select screen and ish like that

and the Q song, and the Dudley song…

There’s the Bonus cd with 4 songs, and there’s the OST:


wtf haxed, i didn’t see that at all, thanks man

Good looking out, kid.

Awesome. Now I don’t have to buy anymore soundtracks.

On SF2:AE, there are supposedly CPS1 remixes of the “New Challengers’” themes.

Has anybody “acquired” these, possibly in a compressed audio format such as an mp3?

(Ain’t NOBODY selling that shit on CD, yo… Have a heart.)

Nice av- Check out the Ganbare Goemon stuff if you don’t already have it.
Best stuff on the site. :wonder:

I’ve had SF stuff for a while, but KOF Seoul Road is a nice find.

KOF 98 Master’s Team is a nice one: