Video Game and Anime Girl thread Vol:2

No yaoi, No hentai, No explicit pictures.

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Other than that, knock yourself out.

Haha, jesus. Didn’t think it was that bad. At least I don’t need to worry. :smiley:

These first two are pics from the artist Michael Vega. The reason why I like him so much is because he was involved in the artwork of Magi-Nation, a card game. Though it became one of my favorite CCGs, everyone was soon fired and the whole thing crumbled. Well, at least I got my old cards to keep me company … :frowning:
Mike Vega’s PAPERamp

I’ll try to post more later.

Who’s the first young lady on the top left?,looks familular.

Not explicitly hot, but beautiful.


Hmm, I’m not sure. It’s off of Mike Vega’s site, and he has done tons of other things besides Magi-Nation. Countless comic books, for example. She’s probably a character from one of them. That’s why I’m trying to provide links and stuff so people can look into that artists’s website and maybe find more about stuff or whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

This first pic is cover art (I think) I found on Gez Fry’s website. It can be found here: I thought it looked real nice. It might be a tad too big though. If it is, please tell me so I can take it down or reduce it or something.

These next few are from the talented artist, Saka. I stumbled upon the site randomly and was surprised at who’s it was. How did I find out? I recognize the art. Saka does the Gaia Online banners and stuff. Most of the art you see on the top of the pages are Saka’s.

I got that poster hanging in my room right now :smiley:

Sorry for being late and creating a duplicate. ^_^;

Ingrid (CFJ)

Repost of what was in that duplicate thread; My favorite vg/anime gal of all time :o <3

Totally adorable Shermie fanart ^___^

There goes your 56k neighborhood. I hate Aoi, but hell she’s worth something.

Beatrice (ff9)

Because the thread feels incomplete without a little Tifa :lol:


hey 4neq can u send those dita pics tht thedude requested too? through pm:D

^Check your PM’s.

Vandread Walls (copy-paste and don’t be cruel to Geocity bandwidth =p):

no wonder vandread is popular …

i found that vandread is dull long ago

Dull? No way! I quite like the concept it introduced, that of gender separation and cute female space pirates.

LOL Engrish


linked cause it’s quite large and might be table breaking. I’ll try and UL some of the VG babe walls that I have.