Video Analysis and Matchup Tips

just started using e.ryu and i’m really having a hard time fighting guile and i hope you can critique my match video right here:

any comments and suggestions will be appreciated :]

Well…I’m not an expert but I think I have some tips. I didn’t watch all the rounds so don’t take offense if I say something that you corrected in later matches.

  1. First of all, you need to practice your combos more.
    One you land mk Axe Kick you don’t do anything after it. Evil Ryu does DAMAGE. You need to have his combos down SOLID and capitalize on any opportunities you get. What you need to be doing if you land a hit is this-

St. Cl. HP- Mk Axe Kick- C. Mp (plinked)- Lk Tatsu-Shoryuken-FADC-Ultra (If you have it)

Learn to plink C. Mp. It’s a lot like drumming your fingers. Just hit medium punch with your middle finger and then instantly hit light punch with your index finger. If you want to learn more about plinking there’s VesperArcade on Youtube and some good info on here

Also learn to combo off divekick. You may have done this in the vid but I didn’t see it. A good combo is

Divekick - Cr. Lp - Cr. Lp - Cr. Mp - Lk Tatsu - Shoryuken

  1. Don’t Focus When You’re Next to Guile- Guile is a charge character- he’s got a flash kick that breaks focus. If he’s got charge he’ll have a million minutes to react to your focus. Free damage for him! Just…don’t do it.

  2. Don’t randomly Tatsu (hurricane kick) It’s just free damage for him

  3. This is kind of minor but don’t start the round with jump, or tatsu. If you want to Hadouken, jump back or dash back first. You’re just playing a gambling game.

  4. If you want to win the round by doing chip, use Shoryuken, not axe kick. This is because people can just DP through the axe kick. Why would you want to give them a chance for a comeback when you’ve got a win secured by chipping them with Shoryuken?

  5. Don’t make your jump-ins predictable. Guile punished your jump-ins tons of times in every match

  6. Capitalize off a knockdown. Use empty jump to throw, deep dive kick, crossup, tatsu crossup, mk to ex axe kick, kara throw, meaty cr. mp

just mix it up

  1. Don’t randomly Shoryuken unless your opponent starts going for tick throws constantly or is inconsistent in their combos. Even then once you punish them once, don’t push your luck

  2. Make sure to punish a blocked or whiffed sweep

  3. Don’t FADC c. mk to Hadouken so often. Most of the time you are wasting 2 whole meters only to get no damage in. Your opponent knows the max range of your c. mk and therefore knows to block low when you’re both that far apart. Those are 2 meters you could’ve used to do Shoryu to Ultra at an opportunity.

  4. Unblockable-
    Shoryuken FADC mk Axe Kick in the corner

Whiff Sweep

Jump right after with mk

Free Combo :smiley:

Alright bro, that’s about all. Take care and may the Dark Hadou be with you. I’ll answer any more questions if you have em. Again, not trying to be a jerk with this stuff, just trying to help

thank you! i really appreciate your tips :slight_smile:
i’m really having a hard time fighting guile and i tend to go on “autopilot mode” a lot times, i guess it’s of one the things that i need to overcome.

btw, what punish can i do on a blocked/whiffed sweep?

Can’t punish on block (both hits), but you can focus the second hit and do cr.lp, cl.hp, etc.

Or you can focus, release and backdash for a little damage. That’s punishable by flash kick at close distances though.

I thought you could only get a level 1 focus in-between the two blacked hits though…? Also, an easy punish is mashing DP when it hits you. The Shoryuken will hit in-between the two attacks

P.S. Your avatar is GDLK. I’ve got custom Bruce Lee Game of Death replica nunchucks.

Yes, it’s only a lvl 1 focus. That and mashing dp are suboptimal punishes that work. Ideally you want to focus absorb, dash and bring the pain with a full punish combo. It’s not hard to do, just takes a little practice.

Check out 1:09. You have Guile cornered. You have a 40% life lead. Why are you still pushing it by jumping and pushing a lot of buttons? This is a situation where you make the rules. Relax. See what happens right after? He’s nervous, too. He jumps right over your If you’d have been patient, you might have been ready to dp that jump, and then he’d have been really out of options.

Think more about your positioning, and learn to recognize when you have the advantage(like guile not being able to walk backwards anymore).

thanks for the tips :slight_smile:
i still have a lot to learn more about footsies and positioning and stuffs haha. btw, what are the blockstrings that i need to look out for and the effective pokes for guile? sorry for the favor guys and i really appreciate your tips so that i can become a better e.ryu player :slight_smile:

sorry if it’s late but from what i’ve seen :

you need to DP more when he tries to be offensive, like when he does jump LK target combo, just DP him once he won’t do it again, if you never do it , you’re free and he just goes low/overhead all day, or you can just escape with a teleport when he jumps after a flash kick, he won’t have a charge and can’t punish it.

when you have no meter , you have no reason to attack him, just jump back tatsu and go for a fireball war he can’t keep up the charge and will be forced to jump, when he jumps he has no charge so either you anti air him or just jump on him when he lands, when you jump on him he has no low charge so he’s free for some time, that’s when you mix him up like : classic hitconfirm, cr.lp (he blocked?) walk back 2 frames so you block an eventual reversal and his whiffs -> kara throw with Hp~lk+lp into 50/50 set up dive kick or Mk cross up then it’s hell for him.

if you need to attack , look what anti air he’s using , if cr.HP , empty jump into low , or throw or DP fadc HKaxe kick, if flash kick , it’s alright it’s 80 damage anti air good for him.Look his habits , if he always reversal a sonic boom when he blocks a fireball , jump on him at that time.

in short : knock him down, make his life hell, when he tries to jump at you with lk, mash DP or teleport that will piss him off, dash forward -> block, reversal flash kick? -> 300 damage+stun