Very bizarre bug happening lately

This seems to have begun happening to me about 3 days ago, and it is one of the worst bugs ever. Thing is, I have yet to see anyone else complain about it, so I really have absolutely no clue what is the cause of this.

Basically, what happens is…ONLY in online games, a “spike” will occur. Not a lag spike, since the game runs at normal speed. During this spike, all input is ignored, even input such as hitting T to talk, or hitting Escape to exit the game. Everything is ignored. Instead, whatever it was you were pressing while the spike occurs, is what the character is going to do. For example, if you were holding forward just as this spike occurred, your character will continue to hold forward, no matter what you press. These spikes occur for about 3 seconds even, when you can’t input anything at all.

THis does not happen to me offline, in practice mode. It happens on kaillera, and in both the Godweapon and ANti3d servers. I’ve ruled out some possiblities…it can’t just be my keyboard/pad since I do not get these problems at all when I play offline on the emulator. I doubt it is Godweapon since it occurred in Anti3d as well. I doubt it is Emulinker simply because this has happened all of a sudden, 3 days ago to be exact. What the hell could possibly be causing this? It’s terrible, impossible to play anything for me now.

Interesting. I wonder if it might be a bug with the new “set delay” feature? That’s something that’s been added within the last few days. Not saying that IS it, but just putting forth a possibility.

Since all the strange crap happens to me with surprising frequency, I’ll post if it happens to me as well.

That’s what I thought but the bug occurred in Anti3d as well as p0wn, so now I really don’t know what it could be…It might not even be kaillera related but it’s pissing me off.

thats what i think may be the cause of the new problems. i had these strange inputs come out while me and emil were playing.

Ok from more testing…seems to occur when someone chats…well, the probablity of occurrence is greater when someone says something. This probably explains why it’s SOOO common in 6 player games.

I dont think the “set delay” feature is what is causing that. From what I was told, its just setting the user time band value for stalling calculations. Its probably some other extension. As Emil said, “…seems to occur when someone chats…”…Could it be related to server load or the new game admin extensions that was added?

The weird thing is, it’s happened in Anti3d and Godweapon. Supra thought it was due to the limit being changed from 75 to 100, but it still appears when he changed it back to 75.

I’ve been getting a lot of ghosting recently as well.

But is it of the same sort as I describe? This ghosting doesn’t make you do weird inputs if you press something, this keeps doing whatever it was you were doing and ignores all of your input.

Interesting. Something similar happened to me about 2 years ago. However, it happened using Nebula and also occurred offline. It seemed to happen randomly but then, for some apparent reason, it stopped.

Ok I am now convinced it happens when someone (in the game), says something. I will experiment more with this…still doesn’t make sense why this is happening to me and no one else is getting it.

stop playing in godweapon and anti3d

I don’t get any of what you’re experiencing, but for some reason in ST and only ST my lk comes out as a lp. I can’t be my inputs because I made sure it was correct. Like let’s say with Cammy, I throw out a lk, it comes out as a lp, but when I do qcf+lk, a cannon spike will come out. :confused: Shit’s wierd…

^^How common is that? Could be something similar to the ghosting. Common ghosting patterns that people have seen:

Directions cause FP (usually button 3) to come out
LP (or lk?) cause RH (usually button 6) to come out
Jumping straight up or moving in one direction will happen while pressing nothing at all.
Extended periods of ghosting (like constant character movement without hitting anything) may come about after mashing.

One ghosting theory was some kind of “button input shift”. That could explain LP coming out instead of the LK that was pressed…

Back to the “dead input” bug…there was a time I wasn’t able to get anything, even chatting to work (probably on mayfield shares), but I chalked that up to Final Burn’s online crappyness, it was massively frameskipping any time that happened, so it may not be related.

These ones are most common for me. It’s been happening ‘a lot’ lately, and no Emil, mine’s more run of the mill ghosting. That problem might be more isolated to KoF, I dunno.

Well I tested it with MvC against Suprafast, and even when he was chatting, I did not get the bug to occur…only in kof98 and 2k2 so far. Question is, WHY would it be happening with those games, and why only now?

Edit: This happened in p0wn as well…so now it really doesn’t make sense. If no one says a word during the matches, the bug never occurs. Moment someone makes a comment, then my controls glitch up…possibly until chat text goes away? Have to test that.

Edit2: I have reinstalled the emulator, and it didn’t fix anything…but I transferred over my config files and roms from the previous emulator, so it wasn’t really a full reinstallation of the emulator

In Mame’s default game options/misc tab, set clear chat text speed to the fastest possible (this should make it never appear in game) and let us know if it still happens. I had a bug where chat text would lag the game horrifically, and doing this stopped that (so not sure if it ever actually was fixed, just hidden).


play in p0wn folks.

  1. Let me clarify a few things. Emulinker does have some ghosting problems at times, but not as Emil describes.

  2. I tested with Emil on Emulinker and the orginal Kaillera Server. He has the same problem. It’s not the servers, it’s him.

  3. My delay changer mod is as 0746 says and nothing more.

  4. You do relize p0wn uses Emulinker as does GW and Anti3D?

  5. The Emulinker “ghosting” problem is due to a cache flaw. The game stays in synch, but it’s not storing certain input correctly. So depending on how the cache is stored and whether or not the position is used, you may or may not notice it.

  6. Since Moosehead seems to not be interested in Emulinker anymore, I decided to continue his work. He is aware that I am, and he has no problems with it. When I have a new release, I will post it up for all to download.

ok, so why would this be happening to me all of a sudden, and onlly when someone chats during the game?

And Jedahs, I changed the speed to be the fastest possible and it seems to not occur anymore…I will have to try a 6 player game to make sure though, since there is constantly chatter in them. However, this doesn’t help explain why it’s happening.