Versus Fighter Database (is there one?)

Are there any good sites that list out ALL fighters, for a variety of systems? I’m talking from A to Z here… I want a good catalog that includes crappy titles like Doomsday Warrior for the SNES, Battle Blaze for the Genesis, and Asuka 120% for the PC-Engine. Most sites I seem to come across only list the big boys…

if such a site does not exist… I might just start one up!

i’ve NEVER seen that site


While Fighters Generation is a decent resource, it doesn’t have an indepth search feature and really only lists mainstream fighters (I’m interested in a one stop shop for ALL versus fighting games).

New Challenger has a lot to offer too, but it’s more of a forum oriented approach to archiving data. I’m thinking of something more in line with MAWS, but specifically for fighters (and across all systems).

So far all my searches for such a site have come up nil. Which is good, because it means I wouldn’t be repeating something that’s already been done elsewhere. So would anyone be interested in seeing such a site done?

Siegfried’s Fighter Mania was the best and closest site to what you’re asking about, but unfortunately the site’s been down due for the last 2 years.

Burning fist needs advertise that more… I told him its a great place for info. As far as forums its more like he post vids on everthing…

yea, but like xorcist said it’s more about having a completist forum-based resource compiling high level and rare footage from all fighters, which through youtube is pretty much possible i think. the searchable quotient makes it pretty useful, not trying to toot my ( our? ) own horn here, but i really wish more people ( local, international, whatever ) would use the site, help transcribe vids, and post up info. we’re getting the vids left and right, we just don’t have nearly enough transcribed information and i think we could definitely use some help doing that because eventually, like i said over on that site, the idea is to have the site become a visual mook of sorts for anyone trying to get into fighting games, where you can use the visual aid and the info right in front of you to practice and step your game up.

This is run by a friend of mine, it’s pretty damn well made. If you do decide to do something on your own, please contact me; I’ve tried many approaches and I could help you out.