Ver. 2013 - Is it worth coming back?

Sup guys. I took pretty long break from sfxt. Mainly played non FGs at all or TTTU2. What do you think about ver. 2013? Is it any better? I haven’t play sfxt lately, I did quit before dlc characters came to game.

How about you guys who own both TTTU2 and SFxT? Which one do you prefer and why?


v2013 is so incredibly much more fun than the last version. It’s worth giving a shot at least. Enjoying a lot more than than any other recent 2D fighter I’ve played.

Also, while I’ve used more time on SFxT the last week, TTT2 is also really really fun.

It all depends on why you left really. If you left specifically because of the gripes addressed in the 2013 patch than yeah, give it a try and see what’s up. If you left because you were burned out on fighters (from the sound of your post) than I don’t know if the patch will entice you beyond your general gaming habits. If you left because of SFxT’s overall gameplay then you should know it’s still SFxT through and through. The patch made a lot of changes, some bigger than others, and many that only people who has played a good while can appreciate.

But I think the changes were good and the game feels different enough with the higher damage, better flow, and updated balance adjustments.