VeNOM2099 is a fraud

Kicks players that know his gimmicks every time they join his lobby.
"Oh, but I won man, I won a single game against you, that means I am the best Akuma on XBL."
Try playing a set longer than 1 game and you will find out just how shallow your bag of gimmicks is.
Stay Free Homie.

A Georgia to Canada connection? I’d be kicking you as well.


There’s that word again.

u mad bro

Was thinking this. “Fraud” is the new “scrub.”

This shit is worse than pathetic.

you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Yeah… deal with it and move on. Shit players online are nothing new. No thread was needed.

GDLK for Princess Bride reference.

you mad, drew?

What I see when I read this post is


Grow up.


Wow dude… I’m touched you think so highly of me that you’d start a hate thread on (and on the Akuma forums too). LOL! I am the first one around these parts to state that I’M A SCRUB!! I do so all the time, just ask anyone here. What are you trying to prove?

Were you that upset when I destroyed you in our first game? Is that why you decided to taunt me when you won our 2nd match? It’s nothing personal; for a good while now, I have resolved to only play opponents ONCE per night. The only exception is if you’re GOOD and I think I can learn something from playing you multiple times. Go back to the games you won and notice what I was doing when you were crossing me up (and that’s practically all you were doing on my wakeup).

You people take online too seriously. It’s not EVO and you’re not Daigo.

EDIT: oh and I didn’t need more than one match to know what type of player you are. You however needed three games to figure me (a major league scrub Akuma) out?.. Hmmmm…

what is this crap