Venom fighting stick with parts from a umvc3 hori? help please

Hi there,
Longtime lurker. Well i want to up my skills and customise the best stick!

So ive got an official hori Umvc3 fighting stick for ps3. Had it about 5 years. Does this have sanwa parts in it?

However, ive just bought the official ps4/ps3 venom stick as i can use it on both consoles. But the venom stick itself is too stiff and the buttons are not great.

However, the buttons and stick on the umvc3 fighting stick is great. Can i open up this one and put the parts in the new venom? (Saves me having to buy new parts)

And i believe both fighting sticks have a square gate. Could i simply buy an octagnol gate for the new venom (with umvc3 parts in).

And is there anything else i need to know, or any extra wires etc? And yet again is it sanwa?

Thanks in advance.

Answers in bold

Thanks man, appreciate the response. I’ll do some research on how to take it apart and change over the parts.

Btw, in the meantime is there anyway i can make the venom stick a bit looser as its quite stiff and finding it hard to pull of certain moves.

From what ive read i believe its something to do with the spring?

A spring will naturally become more loose as you use it. Not sure if a JLF spring will fit in the Venom lever, but you can give that a try. Just remember to take it out and put it back in the JLF when you do the complete swap.