Vegas scrubs tourney results O_O! sc2/mvc2/ggxx/3s/cvsass2!

this tourney was like Cowabunga! anyways im sleepy as fuck right now and its 8pm why am i sleepy? fuck if i know anyways

this one dood with a hat one
Omlet i think? big ups to him

3s : players =5

1st Danny leong "chun/akuma"
2nd Peter suh "Ken/Yang"
3rd i think p-evil "urien "

Danny plays cheap he parried stuff wtf is that =/

a3 : players =5

Josh something "paranoia evil"
Danny Leong " Yes he lost wtf?"
Philip leong “dannys bro!”

A3 on psx is trash danny losses to V-sak Back fierce all day woot!

MvC2 : players = 4

Me "sent/storm/com mag/im/sent/"
pevil “who cares"
danny leong " team row”

tourney was crazy shit ran by quick a good 10min tourney

CvS2 : player 4
1st Danny l "rc guile"
2nd pevil "stuff"
3rd Me “bison sucks”

ggxx : players 9 O_O!!!

daniel r " you know who i used ( if not check my av)"
petersuh “axl/johnny/ky"
p-evil " dizzy/baiken”

p-evil tries to counter me with that skilless 2 dollar slut who is easy to use and owns me for free cause shes broken yes shes broken cause i cant beat her and im and idiot “Baiken” lucky i played like a pussy and little eddie ruined her shit

good tourney im going to sleep bye

My middle finger won’t go down, how do I wave?


hey i used short and roundhouse every now and then!and random vc :slight_smile:

:lol: :lol: :lol: