Vega's in Vegas pt.2 - The second dance~

So, I know a few people from the Vega boards here all went to Evo last year.

Who’s up this year? Since I’m heading out there and getting some games or even just a chat in would be ace.

Last year was a blast, but cant make it this year because of work.
Probably works out best for me though, i would prolly lose to the first yun’s i meet :smiley:

My heart is with all the vega’s @ evo this year…i hope that tatsu wont be the only vega to make it to the saturday this year!!!.

Good times, Emersion. I’m sad I can’t make it out either :frowning:

Cuban_Ace and I were gonna hit up Outback Steakhouse too.

I’m going this year.

Trying to win a ticket tomorrow, probably cant afford the trip otherwise

Going in two years…

If I enter a tournament, I want to make sure I at least make it far. Gonna make sure i’m ready.

Other than that, good luck to all competitors…especially to Vega players. I’ll be watching. XD

I’m not expecting to do well. Think I’m gonna be straight out tbh, but the experience will be pretty awesome. Hope people will want to play casuals with me x_x I can understand how boring it must get playing a crummy Vega over and over haha.

You’re gonna be on the stream FFS!


I’m a no-name Vega. Why would I be?

Because you’ll streak in casuals before the tournament and ppl will be like: “WTF THAT GURL IS AWESUMMM <33 Let’s hav her on se stream.”

EDIT: And you’re good looking too, so that’s another plus. I’d rather see your face than Arturos XD

That would imply that I can defeat the Yun army :'D and that I’m good. Lololol.

Eeeeeeeh no XD

Enough about me being on stream though seriously haha. I wanna know who’s going.

Should be there. Gonna be a good week: apc shows then evo ^___^

It sure would be nice if Evo was in the UK for a change. Taking a trip to LA isn’t nice on the wallet :/. Would be sweet to get some casuals in with the people that go though :slight_smile:

i’m going and getin a suite. feel free to stop by my room. i already have a few people coming by from my chat room. btw $10 entry fee if you arent a member of TV or UYG, and No entry if your name is Noel Brown.

Dunno how im gonna find you XD

D@MN that sounds like fun, it’s too bad i suck … : )

Why isn’t we like this Noel guy again… maybe u should let him in… ^ ^


I wish I could go to evo.

Next year I’ll do it.

Better start saving now, it isn’t cheap. I’m still lolling that £400 of my flight/hotel itself is tax.

Bad Games.