Vega's flying grab move

Now I hardly play this game and even more so hardly play it online. Today I had the urge to play it and did so online.

I got my arse handed to me by a number of players but one person striked out the most with one move. He kept doing a flying grab move with vega that seemed very imposible to get by. I couldnt work out how it was supposed to be blocked as it grabbed when I stood and was unblockable if I ducked. Counters didnt do much either.

I’m crap at it but I can still find counters most of the time but this was imposible.

What’s up with that move?

Frankly, I was really glad when they broke this move in AE.

It’s basically a 50-50 situation that he can repeat over and over again as long as he keeps getting knockdowns.
Unless you’ve got a reversal, that dive is going to be a problem on wake-up no matter what you do. Even guys like Gian and Chikyuu eat 3 or more in a row sometimes.
If you’re playing a shoto just DP or air hurricane him out of it if you’re already off the ground.
Same goes for Fei-Long, Chun’, Dee-Jay, Guile, etc, minus the hurricane. Honda can just LP headbutt him out of it, and 'Gief can crouch lariat.

Some characters have standing normals that will hit him out of it, such as Dhalsim’s back LP. He can use his teleport to get away as well.

It’s pretty much just a guessing game in terms of figuring out whether he’s going to bluff, cross you up, hit you facing forward, throw you, or sky claw instead.
Because of how quick the sky claw is, it’s safer to hold back/duck while you wait to DP.

and this along with o. sagat being neutered is why i rather play ST than sf2: ae

i thought that vega’s off the wall was bad to use. it gets punished so easily,right?

Your wrong, maybe when off-line but online in kaillera its very hard to get round due to the delay.

The opponent was timing it as I get up from the knock down meaning I had very little time to do a counter.

Balrogs headbutt rising move wouldnt even hit.

Try using the LP version. His c. FP might do something as well, I’m not sure.
Vega’s wall dive is lousy if you just do it out of the blue, but if you do it after a knockdown, you force them to guess from a half a dozen different options, and you give them less time to react.

blanka has the easiest time dealing with the flying shenanigans.

too bad all of vega’s normals eat him alive.

straight up jump lk/lp.

didnt work.

And I was doing balrogs rising headbut with the LP.

try using balrogs dash uppercut (charge back, forward +k)

if you are using balrog, you should be able to pin vega down. dash punches, standing hp, should be able to prevent him from leaving the ground.

even if the rising headbutt doesnt hit, the recovery time is not too bad, you’ll avoid it, and it sends balrog far away from vega

Can’t tell by your post if you already know this or not, but just like any jumping attack, you have to stand up to block the wall dive.

With Boxer, I would use the Fierce head butt. It won’t hit, but it will get you out of that situation.

I think he’s saying that if he stands up, he gets thrown. If he tries to duck it, he gets hit.

Right, but it sounded like he didn’t know the wall dive can be blocked standing.

Also it should be noted that you can be thrown even if you duck.

You can’t block any grabs (throws). Use Balrog’s fierce headbut to escape this trap if he does it to you when you are getting up off the ground. If he tries it on you when you are already standing, you have a shitload of counters to choose from.

Just wondering, what exactly did they change about this move in AE?

I hope it’s just that they made it really hard to do consistently, because I have that trouble in AE but not on the actual ST machine.

You have to do :d::k::u: in AE instead of :d::u::k:.

Cool, I see the Fierce Headbut allows you to dodge.


Does this apply to both the PS2 and XBox versions of AE?

Also, anybody have tips on what Bison (Dictator) should do if he’s caught in this trap?

Applies to PS2 only.