Vega Vs. Guile Artwork

Check out this SF artwork I did:

I did this a while ago for the fan art section of SF comic book #7 but unfortunatly my entry wasn’t chosen but I still wanted to share it with all of you SF fans.

I must say I was hella pissed to see that they put in a Chun-Li art rippoff and not mine. :frowning:

Could have been the stabbing part.

I like the piece of work you did. I’ve gotta agree, it is a bit on the violent side…but nice set up and style! Keep drawing, I’m sure there’ll be room for more fan art some time.
At least I’d hope so myself…

blah to vioelnece its america its accepted…now if it was sex i would be apalled (ya right). Not digging the art, but the colors i love the colors. Rarity in this day and age to see soemone color wih out a comp.

Wow, very nice picture you got there…

I know why it didn’t get posted on the issue…cause you left out Guile’s camoflauge!

Good catch, SiLLiEMutAfuKA; I didn’t notice the lack of Guile’s camo on the pants the first time I saw this. Could have played a role in not getting published. Still a great picture though, Blaze. I too like the colored pencils look - good coloring job. Background is cool, too.


Well Guile does have those green no-camo pants in the comic.

I think a big problem is that you kill off one of the main characters in your artwork. Besides, Guile would never let Vega take him out like that. From behind, I can see that, but from the front, oh hell no.


Guile x Vega bishonen hentai? Ewwww… :wasted: :wasted: :wasted: :wasted:

your picture is really good so good I had to save it.Nice work man.

That would be sexy. Who doesn’t like a little yaoi now and then??

woo wans’t thinkign guy on guy more like guy on girl, or girl on girl, girl on herself.