VEGA Matchup Thread

VS knowledge, tips, and tricks in here.

how to punish vega wall jump?

The Wall Dive or just the regular jump?

s.MK anti-airs Wall Dive or EX Wall Dive very consistently.

As for the wall jump, if I read it, I meet him with an Air-to-Air j.HK or j.HP. That or just wait for him to jump off and anti-air him traditionally.

I’ve had the most success using j.MP. Hitbox is good for hitting Vega as he’s diving or about to dive down.

sorry. i meant the dive :slight_smile: i tried and works great seems to work pretty much 100% of the time for me. I’ve been playing against Jozhear ;).

thanks alot duck strong. vega seems like a difficult match for me, any advice?

Alright, this character how the hell do you get into range vs him? I played a vega offline and he just destroyed me with ease I had no clue what to do…he kept doing long ass chain attack pokes and if I tried to get into range there was 0 I could do

In my experience i found it best to play defensively and try to zone him out. Throw fireballs and punish him if he ever tries to jump over them. is pretty amazing as an anti air and will beat anything he does, especially his wall dives. And if youre feeling ballsy you can try to air throw him when he tries to jump in or when he tries to dive, its good damage and knocks him far away so you can zone again. Just make sure you dont go for the air throw if he does the ex version of dive because he will grab you instead.

You also need to punish whenever you can. Sometimes Vega feels like he’s safe on everything but hes not. Every blocked slide and rolling attack can be punished with a combo, though the timing might be weird due to the block stun. If youre having trouble with that go into training mode and try to get the timing down. You can also punish his f.HP(the long range stab) on block with a normal like your own HP into scythe, but the timing can be tricky.

I play nash very defensively so thats my strategy. Zone him out and punish him when he tries to get in. Hope this helps!

As mentioned above, playing defensively against Vega is key. Ty to shut down his wall dives as early as possible into the game with solid anti air or jump back air to air. Once they know to not do the wall dives, its just a matter of fireball and footsies.

You can play a ranged zoning game vs Vega but I wouldn’t focus on playing defensive the entire game, Vega can transition from defense to offense very quickly, he has good buttons in both stances and a command grab in Non-Claw to break down turtles, along with a pretty decent overhead.

Some things to note:

Vega has no actual reversal, he has no strike invincibility on any of his moves aside from upper body inv on his V-Skill (a very rarely used attack). You have to abuse this and rush him down especially on a knockdown.

f+LK can punish Vega’s f+HP at every range aside from max, it’s heavily punishable upclose but a decent player will keep it as close to max range as possible.

Claw Stance s.HP xx Stance change, c.LP has a gap, you can interrupt Vega before he jabs, it’s fake pressure basically you can do your own c.LP and get a combo for him trying, important to note here that Non-Claw Stance s.HP xx Stance change, c.LP is a true blockstring, Non-Claw Stance typically has better frames in exchange for the loss of range.

All versions of Roll except EX are punishable by s.MP.

His f+MK overhead is punishable by s.LP and c.LP xx LK/EX Scythe or EX TA.

His V-Trigger Rose Throw is an insanely easy punish vs Booms and he can convert that to big damage if he has Super, so watching his meter is pretty important when playing a zoning game.

Personally my gameplan is just play for the knockdown then run oki, the neutral I think is slightly in Vega’s favor mid-range when he has the Claw, but he struggles hard in the corner since both his V-Reversal’s basically just have him flip backward, and he has no notable reversal, he has to respect the offense and wait for you to give an opening.

Oh yeah, forgot about his v-trigger. If he has a full v-gauge you dont want to be too predictable with your booms since he can punish them on a read. Note that it has to be a read as it actually doesnt have invincibility. If a boom is already on the screen and he does it or he mis-times the trigger and hits you just as the boom is out he will get hit. He can also do it in the air so thats something else to watch out for. Also if youre in the corner and he does his v-trigger and you block it be careful about trying to punish him since i swear it has no recovery whatsoever.

I was talking about the Air version, it’s not even a read, he can react with a jump then instant V-Trigger to punish a Boom. It’s -2 on block I believe so yeah, completely safe.

whats the best aa vs vega jump in? (not wall dive)


thanks alot

I absolutely suck at this match. I’ve played against patient defensive Vegas who kinda wait for you to make one mistake, get a knockdown, then a mixup. Once they have a decent life lead is where I struggle.

I find this to be a very hard matchup as well. He is just so quick and has good pokes with claw it’s hard to catch good vegas making mistakes. That said, once u knock him down or anti-air him, you have to pressure him, because he suffers from the same weaknesses as nash: no reversal outside super and punishable v-reversal (in vega’s case in the corner).

Also be careful of his frametraps with claw hp, as on CC he gets a big combo off of it.