Vega - Kara Throw and Other things


I’ve been using Vega lately and I have been trying to practice the kara throw but its not coming off. I just wanted to check the input is heavy kick and then grab (light punch light kick) as fast as possible after? No matter how many times I’ve done it I either heavy kick or do normal grab.

Also, I have trouble with a lot of players who turtle. Because I can choose which wall to bounce off I can usually mess with their minds a bit, but some people just block and block and then do low heavy kick after I come down or just jump and do a kick or punch move which stops my flying grab/ claw attack. I also have trouble because I’m charging with down backwards that players just attack from a jump and then combo me into the ground.

Any advice would be great. I’m trying to use scarlet terror and crystal flash to negate ground attacks but still working on timing.

Also does bloody high claw work against high rankers? It is gratifyingly wonderful against projecticle spammers but does it work against those who know better?

Many thanks, and any combos, ex cancel type special moves that can work with Vega suggestions would be wonderful.



Yes, HK and then LP+LK is correct for Vega’s kara-throw. You press LP+LK a 60th of a second after HK. Its nearly instantaneous but not quite. When done correctly, the input you see in training mode will look as follows:
even though you only hit HK once. [media=youtube]9We8ZsutK_c"[/media] demonstrates the timing with Ken. Ken uses MK instead of HK.

If you did it too slow you will get:

If you did it too fast you will get:

Some people are good at defending against walldives and it will become too risky to use them especially when low on life or when they have lots of meter. Against turtles you will want to get within claw’s length and mix up pokes with walk-up kara throw. Mix up the walk-up kara throw with walk-up cr.lp hit confrm into ex-walldive or just bait them and walk back out. Airgrab if you can when they jump, and other options are jumpback.HK/MK/MP, neutraljump.HK/HP/LK, forwarddash under, focusattack/dash, or to duck under certain jump-ins.

As far as Bloody High Claw goes, its only useful as a slow punisher and a fireball deterrent. What I mean by slow is that if you see an overhead coming, you cant do shit because you’ll get stuffed by any normal attack when U1 starts up. Ultra 2 Splendid claw is superior as a deterrent to rushdown, can’t be stuffed on wakeup, and is very easy to combo after a focusattack-backdash that crumples the opponent. BHC’s advantage is that it can hit an opponent randomly like a full-screen walldive. I don’t consider it reliable but hey, some Vegas swear by it.

For more Vega questions please check out Vega Q&A in the Vega character forums.
Check the second post.

  1. Learn Cosmic Heel to Scarlet Terror for starters.
  2. Stay mobile (don’t sit in downback).
  3. Normal wall dive isn’t so great a move, I’d avoid using it too much.
  4. Learn to block properly.

Jump back MP/MK feel like decent air-to-airs, though I only seem to use the MK when my claw falls off.

Use your normals to negate ground attacks. Kara throw input should look something like:

Press HK~Throw. You’ll get it after some practice np.

Edit: Herp, just noticed your post Meteo. SUP.

Lol we really killed it Headtrap, I corrected a few things in my post after seeing yours too. Later

Oh uhh, I guess if you’re a visual learner the link in my sig was mainly for CH - ST. Maybe that’d help you out. S’pose if you’re getting spammed with crossups you can Focus dash to the side their jumping from, can be dangerous if you’re trying that with ambiguous crossups though, so be careful with that one.

We’ve played online before right, Meteo? Name sounds extremely familiar. Think Jam invited me to an endless with him, you, nother vega whose tag was frost or ice something.

Thanks for the help fellas. I still haven’t managed to work out the kara throw but shall keep at it. I’ll also start practicing the other combos. I use cosmic heel a lot so shall try work scarlet terror (and ultra 2 as per last challenge) into that move.

I’m a little suprised at people who complain at how hard bloody high claw is to pull. For me its the easiest in the game. I find the double fireball harder for some reason. Plus you can use bloody high claw in an ex wall dive, cancel the wall dive into the bloody high claw once you’ve knocked them in the air. Works a treat…

Personally, also, I couldn’t care if he’s low tier or not either. To me you can mess with someone’s head with him more than any other character plus his moves are just fantastic to watch…