Vega (Claw) Thread

I always wanted to make a character strategy topic. :wgrin:

Well anyway, he seems just as good as he was in ST if not better. I’m in love with his walldive fake. Guile’s been posing a problem for me though, any tips?

This game is amazing BTW.

OK help me out, how do I do the FAKE Walldive?!, Am I missing something in the moveslist?!

I thought they took it out?!?!? :confused:

Because of the fact that Guile has the new further forward moving Flash Kick, a lot of players are spamming it left and right and are very quick to use it. Bait it with a fake wall dive making sure to not be too close to the wall you bounce off of so that you can indeed take advantage if they attempt a roundhouse Flash Kick.

It’s still very possible to grab Guile out of a Flash Kick if you aim your dive for the back of his head, but don’t even remotely attempt to rely on this.

Once you’ve baited him a few times and he learns to stay away from his Flash Kick, go for another wall dive and grab him, preferably with the super. He’s going to be expecting a fake and will eat it.

If Guile starts to try to jump at you, use the juggling flip kick to anti-air him or jump straight up with a medium punch (fierce if he’s jumping from especially close).

Use the short backflip to avoid moves and counter. One of my favorite things to do is slide up close to Guile when he’s knocked down. He’ll be expecting a roll or some sort of attack, so do the short backflip as he stands to avoid whatever attack he uses (probably Flash Kick) and counter with the juggling flip kick. A lot of people fall for this, especially shotos with their wakeup DPs. You can even catch shoto sweeps with it if you’re lucky.

I find that most of the Guile players I’ve been up against have been somewhat easy with Claw.

The wall dive fake is done just like the wall dive, except that while you are in the air after bouncing off the wall, hit Kick. Vega will drop down straight… somewhat slowly.

Are you pressing kick after you go off the wall? I’m pretty sure that’s the command

I was wondering when the pretty fighter never lose battles thread would pop up. Guile has messed me up with everyone, I’m not used to the new overhead got such a good range.

Yeh fake dive is done with kick instead of punch!

Yeah, you have to press K after you hit the wall and not immediately afterward either (when I tried, claw had to be in his main wall dive animations). I tried some stuff with the fake but right now, it still seems way too slow to be of any tactical use…

I actually thought the double flipkicks were removed for a good part of the time I was playing yesterday but it’s nice to see he still has them to do some extra damage.

down + K worked for me.


No srsly, Guile’s Flash Kick is a bitch It’s a tossup if you can get behind him (leap and hold forward before he does it), lots of Guiles online too.

Also on the subject of Flip Kick, I’ve been doing too much trading with it, I’ve been using Standing Roundhouse and it’s worked.

It’s good for baiting AAs and the like.

Is it just me or does it seem like the matchup vs Blanka is easier? I’ve been beating Blankas left and right. Same with Honda. Bison’s still kinda difficult, but I’d say it’s pretty even.

Actually, I’ve been finding exactly the opposite. I was having trouble with Blankas all night long. Honda was less of a problem.

Really? Maybe I’m getting better :bgrin:

I’ve been playing this all day since I woke up.

Is it just me or is honda impossible to beat now… no wall dive knockdown = knocked out claw… Well i only played 1 honda and lost :rolleyes:

Dic seems a bit harder now that wall dive don’t knock him down…

Blanka’s new roll not sure yet…

I haven’t really found a good use for th fake wall dive yet… I mean in regular ST the “Fake” was just holding back… so far it still works better than the fake… but still need some experimenting with it…

What’s the most damaging option after you land a dizzy? Most practical?

vega seems super fabulous if you ask me. wall dive is still decent even without the loop. his super seems a lot easier to do and you can never really miss with it. so maybe he isn’t broken now - but he still has his broken jump in which should still stuff guile’s AA game if you mix it up with some footsies. i thnk his slide is also slightly weaker (hit box? speed?) but i would expect a top tier to get toned down

Claw Roll, Bar None.

Claw Roll then cr.MP

Helping with AAs in 2 matchups in specific circumstances where it doesn’t make a whole of sense to wall dive anyway and which really shouldn’t cause them to budge doesn’t seem like any use. The fake doesn’t seem worthwhile at all for running away or ambiguous circumstances because it falls too slowly. If it fell 3 times as fast as Sirlin originally planned, its use would greatly enhanced. It’s a fun additional mindgame to add, but it doesn’t really provide any noticeable advantage although claw probably doesn’t need one anyway.

As for Blanka, I’ll need to play more and see if anything can counter a blocked ball. HP doesn’t do it anymore and if nothing can score a clean hit, then that’s a huge loss. Also note though that Blanka’s jump attacks ticked into throws are far more effective in lag than in real life. Even so, I haven’t actually lost to any Blankas or Hondas though, mainly because I haven’t encountered a high level of play from anybody using these characters.

Anyway, I don’t notice any changes with his other moves at all. They feel exactly the same. The combos are identical save for the ones you can do sometimes after a wall dive.

One thing I’m surprised at is that it still seems Cammy is weak against claw even with a much safer drill.

The fake isnt the greatest thing in the world, but it’s still kinda decent. I use it when I wanna fuck around with my opponent when im at a distance, I try to be very careful with it. It’s not really essential.

What are some combos after a walldive? I usually hit and run OG ST style but it seems I can follow up now.

Unless you’re against ken or guile this is so true I’ve gotten a lot of damage off of baiting AA’s and thenstill having time to throw out fierce roll.

He’s still one of the best I just spam cr mp, st mk, and walkup throw, AA with st rh, and throw in a few sky highs/walldvies and I win lol.

So I just came home and training moded Vega, and despite his tweaks it still seems like he’ll be very very good. Nice!