Vega (Claw) match-up discussions

Ok…I’m tired of getting pwned by O.Ken…I don’t know if that’s suppose to be a bad match or not but I have no clue what to do since his jab DP recovers so fast…if I try to punish it…I eat another DP. So…how do you fight this match?

everything you need to know to play SF is in this vid.

and maybe this one too.

if you’re losing vs. anyone it’s because you’re lacking in either timing, distance or reaction. o.ken uppercuts included.

i might recommend picking o.ken and then playing vs. vega players to watch how vega players beat you for doing the tricks/patterns/strategies that you lose to when you play against o.ken

unless you win with them, then find a player that beats it, or maybe the strat is just that good ya?

I played you earlier…I’m testament101 on GGPO

edit…can’t believe you posted those lol…anyway…the problem about me playing O.Ken is that…I don’t know how to play O.Ken…thus, I might get hit by a lot of shit that I know that I can beat out or what not.

Thanks for the help.

I think it’s a fairly even match, probably with slight advantage to claw. Remember, if you don’t do anything, you can’t get dp’ed. Don’t incessantly poke. Don’t get into familiar poking routines. Don’t try to HP roll against them on wakeup. Don’t wall dive against them from across the screen. Stick to safe strategies and make sure your anti-air and anti-hurricane is on point.

LP rolling claw is your friend. when you get a knock down, take a step back, and do that move :tup: if you get the distance right so only the tip of your claw is in the path of his DP you wont be vulnerable to wake-up DPs