Vectorized Engineering Drawing of the HRAP

Does anyone have an engineering drawing for the HRAP sticks? Basically, I am looking for an engineering drawing that matches the EXACT specifications of the HRAP stick… I want to have a very think lexan stencil cut so that I can do some custom art on the stick… the lexan I want to use is thin, so it has to be cut by a computer. So I need a vectorized engineering drawing of the stencil that matches the specs of the metal graphic plate exactly…

I need not only the shape of the metal plate, but the circular cuts for the buttons and the square cuts for the corner bolts.

I did the same exact thing you’re looking for. Except, I xeroxed the top plate and measure the dimensions. For some reason your top plate shown above has notches in the button holes. Your 8 button holes are all 30mm button holes. The joy stick hole and top right two buttons are 24mm holes. The top plate by the way is “14 guage steel sheet” which has a thickness of about 0.074-0.078" depending one if it’s galvanized or not. I hope this helps.

Ultimately, I gave up on trying to create my own CAD drawing (because I don’t want to relearn AutoCAD)…so I commissioned to build a case out of sheet metal for me.


^ Interesting… how much is the plate going to be?

that’s because it’s a T5 stick dooder.

Had it been a non t5, it would also have the little area cut out for the turbo and auto fire.

That’s very useful info, didn’t know that the joystick hole was 24mm diameter.

Thanks for sharing!

Well if someone had a 8.5x14 legal size scanner, they can do a high resolution scan of the metal sheet and then I could turn that into a vectorized print. I just dont have a scanner bigger than 8.5x11 letter.

Okay… I got it scanned in… would anyone mind doing an engineering drawing, or artwork in any vectorised format (i.e.: .eps , .ai , .cdr )?

Should be perfect cut to the outer lines, the inner circles (make sure NOT to include the inner cuts on the start/select buttons) and the square peg holes.

i can vector that for you wont be till tommorow afternoon though

hey i was interested in doing the same thing for my T5 stick.
where are you getting the lexan cut?

vector finished sorry it took so long i need somewhere to email it now

Hye DJfunk, could i get a copy of that vector drawing, my uncle owns a mill and id like to be able to bust out a couple lexan pieces myself.