VCU 9/05 Weekly Results: CvS2 and Hyper Fighting

9/05 Results

CvS2 (Single Elim w/ 2nd place challenge)

1st Andrew Ward “BLT” : C-Cammy, Sagat, Chun Li
2nd Robin Palm “Renegade” : C-Vega, Bison, Blanka
3rd Billy Hummel “moosehummel” : K-Sagat,Rock, Geese
4th Kevin Lewis

5th Nolan Perkins "Goukito"
5th Patrick Perrone "Krydu"
5th Lawrence Price
5th Justin Valentine
9th Kip Criner

-Andrew beat Robin 2-0 and Billy beat Kevin 2-1 to reach final.
-Andrew beat Billy 3-1 to win the tourney
-Robin beat Kevin 2-0 in the 3rd place match
-Since Robin lost to Andrew, a challenge match for 2nd place took place. Robin beat Billy 2-0.

SF2 Hyper Fighting (Double Elim)

1st Robin Palm (Balrog, Blanka)
2nd Andrew Ward (Ryu)
3rd Billy Hummel (Ryu, Sagat)
4th Ralph (Blanka)
5th John Paul Lamprea (Ryu)
5th Patrick Perrone (Ryu, Dhalsim)
7th Kevin Lewis (Ken)

-Andrew beat Robin 3-2 in Winner’s Final. All matches were Ryu vs Balrog.
-Robin beat Billy 3-0 to get back to the final. Billy switched to Sagat for the last two matches.
-Robin beat Andrew 3-1, 3-0 in the Grand Finals. All matches were Blanka vs. Ryu, cept for the 1st match of the first set where Andrew lost with Chun Li.

Also… 8/29’s Weekly Results

Results Week 1:

MvC2 Weekly 8/29

1st__ Andrew Ward "BLT"
2nd_ John Paul Lamprea "Tenk"
3rd__Greg Mitchell "turbomitno3"
4th_ Nolan Perkins "Goukito"
5th__ Robin Palm "Renegade"
5th__ JB "MajinCable"
5th__ Roy Lewis

GGX2 Weekly 8/29

1st__ Robin Palm "Renegade"
2nd__ John Paul Lamprea "Tenk"
3rd__ Patrick Perrone "Krydu"
4th__ Chris Call

Great tourney. I really like small tourneys better than gigantic ones anyway. I realize that CvS2 needs single elim to work. Other games will probably be double… if under 8 people, that is. Hyper Fighting would have EASILY been finished in half of the time CvS2 took, and still being double elim. Unfortunately, Me, Billy, and Andrew were top 3 in both games, and so the final matches had to be played one at a time. I got my ass kicked by Andrew in CvS2. It wasn’t even as close as 2-0 sounds. lol. S’all good.

Next week is Soul Calibur 2 and Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. Make sure you come out for this one folks!!