Various Execution Related Questions (Cammy, Viper, Balrog)

So I am a tiny bit above a noob, trying out Viper, but I don’t quite understand the concept of super-jump cancelling. You basically input a superjump while the move animation plays out to cancel the move right? If so, how to people seem to do it instantaneously? Is there a trick or do I need Faster fingers?

Same question with the instant Cammy air Cannon Strikes.

ALso, its probably the easiest ultra setup in game but I can not get headbutt>Ultra with Rog. I always seem about a tenth of second too late. But it also seems that when I try inputting earlier I haven’t stored up enough charge. Help?

For character specific stuff like this, it’s always worth checking the character sections for more info.

  1. I don’t get what you’re asking. You can actually cancel into a super jump if that’s what you’re asking. Yes you have to be fast. Make sure the stick is a neutral before starting the SJ motion, or the SJ won’t come out.

  2. The motion is (while on the ground still) :d: :db: :l: :uf: (makes you jump) :k: . You have a bit of time after jumping to actually hit the button. Note: if you want to do a back jump, you need to use the ex version.

  3. You can charge two moves at the same time in SF4. Charge down back, then move the stick to up back + p for the headbutt. You’ll keep your back charge this way, so you’ll have plenty of time to cancel.

Watch JWongg’s hands when he demos Ibuki (and does SJC into Ultra). Different character/move but similar theory, he super jump cancels into the move by hitting :uf: instead of just :r: (when doing :qcf::qcf:+:3k:) to execute the move.

As for Cammy’s Cannon Strike, motion to do that is :qcb::uf:+:k:

Thanks for the help guys! :thumbs up:

For Viper’s super jump cancels there are shortcuts that make it much simpler. The down input of a move like mp thunder knuckle or burning kick will also count as the down input for super jump, so all you need to do is complete the motion with an upback or upforward, like Cammy’s instant Cannon strike. For example cancelling from ex seismo into burning kick would just require a d, db, b, ub motion with kick. This shortcut will give you a low burning kick though, so in order to juggle into Ultra from midscreen (not the corner) you need to actually do the full SJ input quickly after the seismo, followed by the regular burning kick so it comes out high in the air. Hope that helps.