Various Capcom/SNK Character sketches

I thought I’d add more from my Blanka sketch with a few more random character sketches from Capcom and SNK!

I know most people have had enough of Cammy in the comics…

Here’s a quick Bison sketch jumpin in

Iori and Mr Karate just about to kick off!

Nice stuff. I like the Bison pic best, lots of movement. What are you using, ball point pen?

yo cracka its sal, good shit man I live in Germany now, I hpoe to see yall next zear at the n cube holla back

thats some nice stuff man!

Those look mad cool. My only gripe is that the positions on the 2nd and 3rd pics looks a little weird. But I guess that is just me.

nice Cammy

Thanks for the feedback guys! I did these sketches while at work(which I don’t get much time to do anything!) By the way I did use a ball point pen derangedzombie, I checked out your Akuma colour work-good shit man!! I don’t know if anyone wants to do some colour work on my Cody v D-jay comic, let me know if anyone’s interested?! Peace

Here’s a couple more sketches you might like…

Here’s a sketch of that Boss geezer from KOF’03 with K

Slick, man. Slick.

Nice Mukai. Although I think the forearms are a bit large and K’ would probably look a lot better if finished. Still, :tup: