Vanquish: The last of SEGA's four Platinum Games titles

Well, here it is. Hopefully they’ll use PS3 as the lead SKU, lest we get another Bayonetta.

Seriously reminded of that game for xbox live, Shadow Complex.

I hope it’s good.

It’s a Mikami game, so probably not, expect PG to force Sega to port the game over a weekend again to meet deadlines.

According to FanboyCharts, they’re working very closely with Sony on this one.

The new trailer doesn’t really get me hype or anything but it is Mikami. I’ll be keeping an eye on it for sure. I was hoping he was gonna do a new RE style game game in the same vein of how Bayonetta is Kamiya’s new DMC.

That was probably too much to hope for, honestly.

Mikami has said, I believe, on multiple occasions that if he could help it, he wouldn’t be directing any more survival horror games, because among other things, he hates having to watch scary movies and such for ideas. :lol:

Besides, the likes of PN 03, GOD HAND and now this game, showcase how the guy really wanted to try something else, any way. So for right now, I’m interested. Especially since we just got a teaser trailer, and only have more to see from here on in.

Oh I know it was a shot in the dark but a man can dream you know? I’m always open to anything Mikami or Kamiya though those two are crazy.

New trailer for Vanquish. Game looks ridiculous. It’s like Gewars of War on turbo thrusters from 29XX or something lol.

Edit: Fixed link.

Or how about this? It’s like Gun Valkyrie on the ground with a cover system!

I miss GV sooo much.

If It wasn’t made by Shinji Mikami and platinum games then I would say that this game looks like crap. So I reserve my judgment.

Oh hey good comparison. Gun Valkyrie was cool.

Finally a trailer!

This game looks fresh, i like.

Another polished game from platinum games, hopefully it wont steal goty from Bayonetta.:razzy:

^Hint: It won’t.

what is PN 03? oh nevermind i thought it was short for something but that is what the game is called. i remember seeing the box art for this game, ever played it though.

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new gameplay footage

This game looks sexy as Hell.

Sucks about the lack of MP…but this game is looking DELICIOUS…

actually, no…no it doesnt suck.

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