Vanity (The Last Dragon, Action Jackson) passed away :-(

2016 no some “no chill” shit

Dammit man!!!

Had a huge crush on her!

BRB crying.

Poor Bruce Leroy.


The crack caught up to her in the end…she had mad health problems throughout most of the later phase of her life i do commend her for turning to religion after such a wild run during her Prince yrs…RIP

You will be missed. RIP

WHAT???! FUCK, man 2016 is not playing! R.I.P. Vanity for starring in my favorite movie of all time :sad:


dont got the glow.

not even soul glo. bro. schlomo

Gonna be honest, i don’t know who she is

RIP Vanity, you was hot girl.

I know her because she was one of Prince’s muses in the 80s. RIP

rip in prince

At least we still got Apollonia. RIP

Nasty girl? :rofl:

She was a beaut, I thought Bruce Leeroy was crazy for being so unaware when I was younger.


RIP i had a Hugh crush on her.

Well he basically begged her for sex midway through the movie. One of the more memorable lines in that movie, and that’s saying something!

sad to see this…

Thanks alot Bruce :frowning:

2016 is going Final Destination on celebrities. It’s only February. Damn man, I’m gonna have to watch The Last Dragon again.

Looks like I’m gonna have to find the last dragon and play it in her memory. R.I.P. Vanity.