Vancouver Thread *Since old one has drastically collapsed*

Just in case, any mods delete if you don’t want this up because of the recent happenings of the old thread, but I want to post something on behalf of the Vancouver’s community. I am new here and I noticed two things: 1. Vancouver has a rich background in fighting games and as well as many gamers all over the Lower Mainland. 2. There is no formal meet ups anymore for small tourneys and/or even just casual gameplay and chat. I really want that to happen now since the Canadian Cup is well coming our way.

Like I know about the Vancouver Street Fighter Group on Facebook, but I want something routinely scheduled, like no random posts asking “espot?” or “vsb?” then just leaving the post from there. Like sure I don’t know if people that said “yeaaaah” actually go, but I can only assume right? I don’t know, but who am I to say the least, I’m just a newcomer. Sorry if I offended anyone with my small critique, but that’s what I’m getting from my first impressions of the Vancouver scene :frowning:

Arent there meetups weekly at secret base? Ask the people on the page on fb

Facebook is for plebeians.

I love how espot just went all cheap on them forcing the tourneys/meetups there to halt. Hopefully there will be something regular on the weekends. Fingers crossed!~

I miss the old days … Damn, nostalgia kickin’ in.

Yeah, I see the community in SoCal and NorCal and makes me want to go there for funzies. What exactly happened in the “old days?”

Do any of the dudes from the Lester’s/Movieland days still post around here? I wouldn’t mind playing some 3S again sometime if people are down.

yo where are the marvel players? I’ll be here for a few days and I’m down to money match anyone :slight_smile:

The good days for me was hanging out at Pat’s place for 12+ hours at a time with dude’s like Yummy and Dan, getting my ass handed to me for hours on end and making good friends.

Going to eSpot and CHQ for hours and laughing it up with guys while constantly digging for some wins.

A mongoloid destroyed this thread and this scene for me. With that said, I’ve recently found HDR and it’s an amazing game to play.

I’d like to see the Vancouver scene expand as well. I’m from Pitt Meadows but I’d still be down to go to a weekly meet-up if there is one that starts up or something.

Just wondering, what are the venues like in Vancouver/Lower mainland.

Vancouver/Richmond Area SF Players

Downtown Movieland Vancouver Players

Thanks man, and here I though Vancouver’s scene was really small XD. Good to know that there are people out there, hopefully we can make it bigger.

Looking to sell my stick SFxT V.S. for xbox 360 9/10 cond $120

rip in peace

Where does one find out about the secret base?

Gizmo, check out the Vancouver Street Fighter facebook group.

A narcissist destroyed this thread.

Just dropping into this thread now. I too am interested in a fighter’s group in Vancouver! Also looking for a shmup group too!

So is there any reason to check out MovieLand Arcade? I’m staying in Vancouver this coming week for a conference and was hoping I could find somewhere to get games in.

gg’s to the mvc2 player at espot lastnight

fuck those new games