Vancouver MVC2 Tournament Series Thread

This is the thread where we can post updates, results, and anything so we don’t have all of our inboxes flooded :slight_smile:

For new people about this tournament, this double-elimination tournament will take place over several weeks. Each round may take place in different dates and different locations, all the way until the finals. The reason for this is that because everyone lives in different areas and have different availabilities, that it would be so hard to get everyone in one place in one day. So hopefully using this method, everyone can participate. If everything works out, then it there will be multiple tourneys, so if you miss one, don’t worry, you’ll probably get in in the next month, probably in a month or two at most.


  • For all those participating, your seeding will be random. Contact your opponent and agree on a time and place to play your round. Pay me your entry fee (currently $5) before your round starts or YOUR ROUND WILL NOT COUNT. You pay for your own game.

  • Post here or email me the results/score, and if possible, the teams used (for everyone’s interest)

  • The deadline for each round will likely be two weekends. Of course, if the brackets work out, people can do multiple rounds in the same night or ahead of other people. If a player fails to meet the deadline then they’re eliminated and their entry fee is NOT refunded.

  • Repeat until the tourney finishes. And the pot will be distributed in set portions amoung the top 3 winners.


Good luck to everyone participating!

For everyone else, feel free to post here or add me on MSN points to sig for feedback, or to express interest in the tourney. Thanks.

(last update: Jan 22, 8:00pm)

Can us spectators and bookies put money down on some of these matches? :smiley:

Doesn’t Alex Z play this game too? Plus if we start betting on shit everybody’s money will be on Tao… lolx100 if Tao loses a MvC2 tourney :stuck_out_tongue:

I predict Tao going perfect in this tourney.

Too bad you didn’t have more room, me and James would’ve come to wreck shop :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. It’d be pretty cruel to rule out Tao just because he’s 99.9999% going to win every tourney. That’s why there’s top 3 prizes and not just one grand prize :rofl:

Hey, sorry I wasn’t able to include you guys this time around. I just wanted to limit it to a simple 8 and all 8 of us play at the same arcade anyway, just to see how it’ll work. Everything sounds simple but so far nothing’s happened yet. But if it works out, next month for sure…




Me, Ponti, Gino and Tony were all at espot on Saturday night. The assist 2 button is broken on the side further from the door. I might go tomorrow night to check on it so we can get this thing going :confused:

lets ban tao…hes a jerk!..

Let’s Do This!!!

**guys… try to come over to the Philippines and experienced how powerful the filipino players are… TRY US and you’ll salute us… DARE??! **


im the master of marvel ill pwn u all for free

tao taught me 2 tactics baby its all i need to beat u scrubs!

espots assist2 button has been fixed!

but the lk on the same side (farthest from the door) was kinda iffy when i was playing. if it’s still bad i’ll get them to fix it next time i go, which will be tonight, or friday night.

jacky and bernie are doing their round friday night around 9pm i think. i’ll be there :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple rounds were played today.

Tao beat Gino 3-0 with Storm/Sentinel/Commando.

Chris (me) beat Tony 3-0 with Storm/Cable/Doom.

I also added a pic of the bracket in the top post, and I’ll update it as the tourney goes on.

GG’s to all those who were at espot today :smiley:

Bernie and I just finished our set.
I lucked out a 3-1 win over Bernie.
Bernie used MSP and MSCyclops.
I used MSS and Santhrax.

All were intense matches, and we had some HIGH-larious casuals too.
GGs to Bernie and Andrew.

Hey chris, I think I owe you a quarter, you gave me a quarter for my last game playing Scrub so you could take over, but I played half-hearted in my last game and lost like a bitch… I was kinda out of it at that point and took the quarter you left for me. I’ll bring you an extra one next time I go out to espot.

hM i never had a chance to play ponti…er i dunno what to do…but i can still play like tuesday night if youre out there man!!!

Hmm I’ll talk to Ponti tomorrow or Tuesday and see what’s up. Hopefully you guys can get something goin this week. We can still carry on some other rounds in the meantime.

Damnit I have to face Tao now…

Lol @ random flip guy comming in here and telling you guys to go to phillipines.

well, seeing as how Tao beat Sanford, X, and a lot of other Empire over in Toronto, I really think you guys should come over here if you wanna play him.

This post wasnt serious… just a random reply to a retarded post.

sorry i couldn’t make it out saturday night guys - i got so hammered :sweat:

kenji i can’t play tuesday - how’s about friday night?