Vampire savior basics

Does anyone else play this game? I just got it and it is the shiit. Wish more arcades had it. Please share basic strats and other stuff i should know to start out.

I have a question: Is lilith SUPPOSED to suck? She seems like Dan…

question: which of the 4 types am i supposed to chose (vampire, hunter, savior, savior 2). By “supposed” i mean what is the arcade version set to as default/what everyone else uses, and what is the difference between them? I’m assuming each one is gameplay from a different vampire game…

if you want to know the deifferences here’s a good faq

i think it’s Savior mode/Turbo/Savior type, but i’m not sure!
it would be great if someone here answer who knows which is the original arcade version, can’t find the answer in the faqs…c’mon guys!

linking directly to the faqs dosen’t work…

Vampire: I forget

Hunter: no dark force, one air normal per jump.

Savior: Character Specific Dark Force, Miltiple normals capable while jumping.

Savior 2: Non character specific dark force (No white damage delt. costs 2 bars), Multiple normals capable durring a jump.

Also, the characters themselves have diferent movesets dependant on mode.

And no Lilith is not as bad as Dan (she just has a small fireball, but a great cross up and super easy high damage dark force combos), the game is fairly balanced, asside from demmitri who imo is a sonofabitch. But thats just my take on it.

i didn’t know that the link doesn’t work, here is the link to the faq which is easy to find

no one knows which speed/mode/type is the original arcade settings?

Vampire Saviour is a great game. IMHO, I feel that it is CapCom best 2D fighter to date. If I could find a copy of this game for my Dreamcast at a decent price, I would get it. Trust me when I say, the combos in this game are crazy mad and real practice is needed to pull off some of them.