Vampire Hunter

Here’s a pic I just finished. Let me know what you think.

love this pic! her face is great. your linework is very inspiring.

as for crits: i think her right leg looks a tad off. especially the foot, which looks a bit small. the way her index and middle fingers connect to her hand looks a little off on her right hand. also maybe if the totem pole in the BG wasn’t so centered it’d make for a better composition, as she’s also directly in the center of the pic.

other than that it’s superb. nice work.

Thanks for the crits man. I’ll definitely work on it for next time. :wink:

nice linework and good use of shadows on the girl & the bg…

yakuza hit most of what I wanted to say:

  • bg might look better if it wasn’t centred
  • right leg (knee down) looks a tad short. boot looks flat due to the front not being clearly defined.
  • fingers on her left hand look awkward - she doesn’t look like she’s putting her hand on the floor (a la Spiderman) but she doens’t look like she’s reaching for the dagger either (hand too low to the ground)
  • fingers on right hand might look better if they were more tightly clenched around the vampire’s hair

but it’s still a pretty darned good pic.
oh yeah, she reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez.

cheers! :slight_smile:

amazing, just amazing.
keep up the good work hanzou.:cool:

Great picture, nice job!