Vampire Chorincles HELP!

ok i got VC and i need some tips or help i know the game is very easy to lay i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what attacks or chain combos can link into there EX Moves and if you guys could post it for me or just email it me ok thanks alot also if anyone could tell me where a good movelist is besides looking for it at gamefaqs i already got that one lol ight thanks to anyone that can help.

Gallon kicks butt too lol :clap: :tup:

For me it’s all about Hunter Demitri. ES Bat Spin, ES Demon Cradle, ES Pursuit Attack. U could also do a Midnight Bliss after a ES BAT SPIN, however it wont combo but still connect, then Pursuit. Abuse his teleport dash and c. HK. Jedah has a neat lil’ chain, standing close qcf + LP, standing close LP, LK, MP, MK, HP. U can also do d, d, + 2P, pursuit.

demitri’s got an annoying wakeup game.

upon knockdown, you can dash in w/ demitri, and either:
a. uppercut if you expect wakeup
b. midnight bliss/pleasure

… though, this is flawed by the other guy moving(unless you can anticipate where/whether they move), and them blocking/jumping away.
this doesnt make him any less boring…

Do we have an arcade version of Vampire Chronicles?


hey guys its mee again i was wondering gbursin what are some good mix ups to use for demitri for poking and getting his instant uppercut working and also what else can i do besides tri dashes with zabel and q-bee??/ please post some stuff for me and can i combo a fire ball or uppercut into a four hit chain meaning lp,lk,mp,mk combo or no.

japan is currently experimenting w/ VC in arcades from what I hear.

Demitri is mostly fireball, dash in, uppercut, dash back, fireball, jump fireball… tah dah! basic competative demitri… use bat drill as a teleport/when you think they’re gunna jump…(no1 seems to use his 360) I havent really seen a demitri w/ rtsd mixup; he seems like more of an opportunist character.

zabel… I’m still learning(::hopes liquited comes…::). i mix up hi and lo w/ trijumps,’s, and the d->u+lk move… w/ other shit thrown in… my game is still not defined w/ him.

qbee… shes like magneto… you’re playing a bigass mind game w/ the other guy… hi? lo? where will you hit. and if you hit hi, will it hit late, or early(use or not use mp?..)?.. her command grab(hcf+p) is safe for the most part, w/ VERY few things knocking it out. so… yeah, mixup… ya kinda halfta adapt to each character(tho that sounds like bad advice)…

and chain combos cant cancel into special(w/ the exception of the button command ones). you MUST link them to SINGLE normals(i.e. bb’s,,[LINKED]c.mpXXbasket)… thats the main way to do it.

So, what are the differences between Vampire Chronicles and Vampire Savior. They’d better not have done anything to Jedah…

Ok gbursine i got you on the tactics but with the chaining i think i got so i go for ex.(Demitri uupercut ok do i do the c.lp then do another uppercut so the will connect so i have to hit twice then right or are you saying that the is the link to the uppercut ?

From what I know, VC is the collection of the Vampire series(Vampire Hunte, Savior, etc).

How do you tech hit on that game i see its like pushblocking please someone tell me im looking at some vids now and it lokks useful but i dont know how to do it can some one please tell me how to tech hit or pushblock on VC thanks guys.

also i was watching a felicia player and everytime hit did a knockdown he did some move where she was hitting them while they were on the ground but it wasnt here pursuit the pursuit is where she bounces on you right but this one was different and they kept doing it in the ES version it looked like she was scratching on the ground it was about like 8 hits i think please if anyone knows what im talking about please post it thanks.

Down, Down, Punch (2p for ES version)

You’re confusing Pursuit with one of Bishamon’s specials.

Tap U+K (U+2K for ES version) to do a pursuit attack. Note that in Vampire Savior 1, 2 and Vampire Hunter 2, this will only do recoverable damage.

Sent cheese(cap combo?),
w/ demitri you can[likely] do c.mpXX uppercut. you’re canceling his into his uppercut. BUT, try>c.mpXXuppercut. It isnt possible. this is cuz the game registers the lk->mp combo as a chain. as a result, you halfta find something to link off of the chain. w/e that move is, becomes cancelable(the usual special cases of course).

also, demitri doesnt have many links aside from those that go off of his batdrill(ex or not), and ex bats
that particular, link was special case with bbhood.

Tech hitting(push blocking) is about 4-5(i’d do at least 5 to be safe) consecutive inputs during blockstun. the easiest way to do this is piano lk, lp, mp, hp. once or twice quickly

no, felicia and bishamon(maybe others) have alternate pursuits

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Whta makes Donovan, Hutzil (phobos) & Pyron so bad?

my assumptions*****:

honestly, i think pyron has the least amount of potential of the two. his fireball is laggy, alot of his moves put the other guy in long blockstun, his ES’s/EX’s dont really stand out

demitri would be better if he didnt have surf sword(or maybe an improved one)… his sword games have the potential to be ok, as imo he has decent ES’s(his EX’s suck)

phobos I dont know… i dont think he has much once the other guy gets up close. hes got keepaway equal to cable w/out assists(or ahvb),

so that about if for pushblocking no other easy ways to do it then. so i have to hit lp,lk,mp,hp twice all the way through while blocking to puchblock? ok i guess i’ll gie it a try.
any thing else i should know by the way? gbursine?